Copenhagen Zoo

    23. Feb. 2015
    Joy Smith

    Copenhagen Zoo, one of Europe’s oldest zoos, is located just 10 minutes by bus from Copenhagen Central Station, in the classic suburb of Frederiksberg. The Zoo is rated as one of Denmark’s top ten attractions for children.

    There is much to see at the Copenhagen Zoo. There are more than 3,000 animals. The rear of the Zoo is next to Frederiksberg Have (Frederiksberg Garden), and visitors and locals strolling through the garden can get a clear view of the elephants in their outdoor facilities.

    View the new addition to the rhino family. Visit the elephant house designed by Norman Foster, the science centre, the exhibition ramp, and the rain forest comprising crocodiles, birds, bears, snakes and other species. The male polar bear just returned from ‘vacation’ in the Scandinavia Animal Park in Jutland. It took a ‘hiatus’ to give the female polar bear a chance to relax in case she was pregnant. It turned out that she is not pregnant. They are now reunited and will hopefully mate again in the spring. Go as close as possible to the polar bears and, through a 15 cm sheet of glass, watch them swim and play in their watery environment.

    After much deliberation between Danish and Chinese officials, and an official state visit to China by a Danish delegation – including the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe, in April 2014, panda bears will arrive from China in a few years. The Zoo feels it is a privilege to be approved by China to be the recipients of a breeding pair of panda bears, and plans are now in the making to build a facility to house them.

    The Tasmanian devils which arrived in 2012 have adapted well to their new home at the Zoo, and have successfully produced several cubs. A new facility is now being constructed for the devils, wombats and kangaroos, and will give visitors an opportunity to get to know them better.

    There are lots of shows and educational activities for the children. A section of the Zoo is adapted for children. Animals such as horses, cows, rabbits and goats can be seen and petted by the children. Face painting is an extra special treat.

    Kaninbyen (Rabbit City) is a great children’s playground. Via a labyrinth, children can walk in the footsteps of the rabbits and temporarily live in their world. A climbing frame and a racing track test the speed of the children against that of the fast running animals, and a mock rabbit mound, shaped like glass domes, will allow children to watch the rabbits romp in the grass. Children visiting the Children’s Zoo must be accompanied by an adult.

    Not to be overlooked is the 50 m high tower which offers fabulous panoramic views of Copenhagen, Amager, the bridge which joins Sweden and Denmark (Øresundsbroen), Stevens Klint (Cliff), and Roskilde. With its wooden structure and 182 steps, it attracts approximately 40,000 visitors each year.

    The Zoo is open every day from 10 a.m. and closes between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. depending on the time of year.  Plan to spend at least four hours at the Zoo to experience a bit of everything on offer. To reach the Zoo from the Central station, bus 6A is the best choice as it stops just outside the main entrance. There are places to eat at the Zoo and a gift shop where purchases of souvenirs can be made. One time admission to the Zoo is free for children 3 years and under. For children 4-12, the fee is 95 DKK, and an adult admission is 170 DKK. A season pass allows all year access, and costs 275 DKK for children from 3-11 years, 440 DKK for adults, and 335 DKK for senior citizens. Holders of a season pass can bring a friend for free on three specific days of the year. For 2015, the dates are June 27, September 20 and October 31. Season pass holders who renew their cards before the expiration dates will be given an extra discount. Zoo cards can be purchased as gift cards.

    Danhostel Copenhagen City and Danhostel Bellahøj are close to the Zoo. From Danhostel Copenhagen City, take bus 5A to the Central Station. Change to bus 6A and ask the driver to stop at the Zoo. From Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj, take bus 2A to bus 4A and ask the driver to stop at Roskildevej. The Zoo is a few minutes’ walk from the bus stop.

    Check out the special monthly Zoo schedule, including the animals’ feeding program. Visit the website to learn more at:



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