Danhostel Ebeltoft has already implemented 4 of the 17 UN World Goals

    In the spring of 2019, the Danhostel brand published a manifesto and new strategy to implement the 17 UN Sustainable Goals over the coming years. Several Danhostels have already embraced many of the initiatives. Danhostel Ebeltoft has already implemented 4 of the 17 World Goals.

    Knud Hansen, the host of Danhostel Ebeltoft, believes their decision to be environmentally friendly is beneficial and that Danhostel Ebeltoft also has to set its own goals which can be easily implemented.

    Waste Sorting and Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning
    Åse Hansen, who works Danhostel Ebeltoft’s kitchen, says they are engaged in sorting waste and have switched to organic cleaning products. Food waste is also part of their focus so they have to be aware of product usage and always keep the environment and climate in mind. The changes will hopefully become a way of life.

    Water and Lighting
    Danhostel Ebeltoft hosts several meetings and courses. They have discontinued the use of plastic water bottles and now serve water in glass bottles. They also installed water-saving showerheads and LED lighting.

    The Little Things that Count 
    Danhostel Ebeltoft is aware that they cannot save the entire world but realise that minor changes can make an enormous difference. These improvements send a clear signal to guests and employees that the hostel takes the environment into consideration. Åse recalls when they used to purchase small packages in environmentally friendly packaging from New Zealand. The travel distance did not make sense, so a better solution was necessary.

    Focus on Employees 
    The UN's Sustainable Goals include the health and well-being of employees, so Danhostel Ebeltoft implemented new initiatives for their staff. They created an app for their employees to make work and other social activities easier to schedule, and training of new employees has improved. Partners and suppliers can also expect that the environment and climate will be an influencing factor. That will be the focus for future changes at Danhostel Ebeltoft.

    Åse and Knud say that although it cost something to implement the UN Sustainable Goals, it is a pleasure to be involved.

    Learn more about Danhostel Ebeltoft here.

    Learn more about Danhostel and UN Sustainable World Goals here.


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