Danhostel Hillerød Celebrate Two Anniversaries in 2018

10. Jan. 2018
Line Juhl Kronow

The anniversary doubles when Danhostel Hillerød Nordic Camp and Conference Center celebrate their 70th and 75th anniversary in the same year.

Danhostel Hillerød Nordic Camp and Conference Center consider 2018 to be a special year because they will celebrate two anniversaries.  In August the Nordic Association will celebrate its 75th anniversary, while the School Camp which started in 1948 will be 70 years old.

"Yes, it will be a big year for us," says Beth Espedal, long-standing chairman of the Association in Hillerød. She continues, "We do not yet know how we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Nordic Camp and the 75th of the Association. However, the festivities will take place the first weekend of August and we will throw a party on Saturday, August 4 at the Nordic Camp School.”

Beth Espedal has been president of the association since 1981 and on the board since 1972.  Her father, Palle Berg-Sørensen, was head of the Nordic School Camp which began on October 7, 1948.

Danhostel Hillerød Nordic Camp and Conference Center is located in the town of Hillerød.  The complex is open all year round and provides facilities for school camps, conferences, events and accommodation for singles, families and groups.  The property covers 7 ha of protected land and offers amenities such as volleyball, table tennis, playing fields, barbeques areas, a lake with rowboats and much more.  There are 45 rooms, most of which have private bathrooms, plus free parking and free fibre network connection in all public areas including the internet café.

Learn more about Danhostel Hillerød Nordic Camp and Conference Center here.

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