Danhostel Ishøj Strand has a New Electronic Key System.

11. Dec. 2017

It can be an expensive mistake when a Danhostel guest loses his key and the lock has to be changed. Danhostel Ishøj Strand now has a new electronic code lock system which means that if a key is lost, a new key can be coded in 5 minutes.

The investment in the new code system was very well received by all at Danhostel Ishøj Strand. The staff are happy with the new system as it makes their work less stressful.  The guests are also happy because they can receive a new key in about 5 minutes. 

The new technology is beneficial in many ways.  It heightens security and saves money.  It is now easier to provide a new key and change the user information. At the same time, the cost of changing the lock cylinder is no longer an issue.  

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