Danhostel Sport - Football

14. Jul. 2014
Translated by Joy Smith

Football is a unisex team sport. Football is matches, training and training camp.

Danhostel is ready to organise your next training camp. Danhostel Sport is a group of hostels specially designed for you and your team to get your players in shape for various tournaments. Over the years, Danhostel Sæby and Sæby Sports Centre have hosted football players from the Scandinavian countries.

"They need to have stronger technique and fitness, in addition to the social aspects," said Tommy Thomsen, Director of Sæby Sports Centre and host of Danhostel Sæby.

At Danhostel there are good facilities for football players both on natural grass and artificial turf. Indoor pool, gym, and mountain bike are just some of the possibilities for you and your team when you are in need of a break after a day on the grass and turf.

"Some go to the swimming pool, others take part in various competitions, and still others play a game of cards and have a beer," said Tommy Thomsen.

In addition, Danhostel ensures good, nourishing food which can make any soccer player happy. Football clubs come to Sæby training camp because they know that all the necessary details will be handled by the hostel.

"When they come on Friday, they can just park the car outside, and only touch it again on Sunday when they are ready to go home. Since they stay with us, they can eat, live and train at the same place," says Tommy Thomsen.

When football players book training at the Sports Centre and Danhostel Sæby, a program is prepared for them which includes training times, meal times, room allocation and a test match.

The target groups for training camps are from junior to senior players. The teams come from many different divisions and series, so it is important for them to train with a team on the same level.

"We are happy to arrange training matches in cooperation with local clubs, or any other team that is staying with us during the same period," said Tommy Thomsen.

Training periods for football clubs is usually a long weekend, and run from February-March and again from July-August.

For more information, contact Danhostel to plan your training camp.







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