Donkey, Dentures, Child, Axe. See what People forget at Danhostel

31. Jul. 2015
Kåre Welinder/ Translated

See the top 10 most ‘interesting‘ things guests forget at Danhostel. Number 10 on the list will remind you of a well known movie.

After a holiday, unimportant things are often forgotten at any place of accommodation: shampoo, stockings, keys, watches, etc. But things guests forget at our Danhostels will make you raise your eyebrows.

1. Cycle Helmet
A cyclist forgot his helmet while on a cycle holiday in Mid Jutland. The reasons are unknown.  Was it because the helmet was unusable, the holiday was over so it was no longer needed, or the cyclist just wanted to let his hair down and feel the wind on his head?

2. Grandfather's Suit
A student from Roskilde University forgot his grandfather’s old suit.  But that was not the only thing he forgot.  His debit card was in the jacket pocket!

3. iPod
It’s a bit silly to forget an iPod loaded with good music and audio books at a hostel on one of Denmark’s popular islands, then remember it when you are just about board the ferry.

4. Wedding Rings
Two Danhostels reported that guests left their wedding rings.  One hostel discreetly sent the ring to the guest's work place.  The other ring was never claimed.  Could it be that this couple was at a Danhostel to celebrate their break-up?

Bonus Point
The list takes a short break to let you know that many Danhostels offer a special service.  So many mobile chargers are forgotten that no matter which cell phone you own, you can always borrow a charger from reception.

5. Massage Equipment
These ‘equipment’ guests would prefer not to forget because it is a bit embarrassing to pick them up at reception.

6. Axe
An axe was left behind by a guest. Could it have been decoration for the window sill, or possibly used in the shower…? Maybe the hostel had a chopping block in the room?  The question is: Why would you bring an axe to a hostel?

7. Donkey
There are a few rules that guests should abide by when they stay at a hostel.  ‘No donkeys allowed’ should be close to number 1 on the list. Our West Jutland hostel was fortunate because the donkey was inflatable.  An inflatable donkey. Hmmm.

8. Russian Heating Element
At a time when Danhostels have well-equipped common kitchens, why would anyone bring a huge 30 cm Russian heating element and leave it behind?  This was an unsolved mystery for the staff at a Danhostel in North Zealand.

The monstrosity which could heat an huge pot in a short time, did not play a vital role in the rest of the owner’s holiday.  Maybe he decide to buy an electric kettle.

9 Dentures and Hearing Aid
If these two important apparatus belonged to the same person, this guest was certainly out of sorts for a few days.  The two personal belongings were forgotten at the same hostel in South Zealand.  If the guest ate breakfast at the hostel, the menu must have been yoghurt, coffee, and milk. Just imagine the receptionist running after the guest shouting, “You forgot your hearing aid and your teeth!”

10. Child
At Danhostel Vejen it wasn’t what was forgotten, but whom. Remember the movie, Home Alone?
“A Swedish family checked out after spending four days in one of the cabins.  They left the hostel, but came back after half an hour - quite embarrassed - and begged the receptionist for the key to the cabin.  Why? Well, after they started their journey towards the North Sea with two of their children, one of them asked the parents, “Where is our little brother?” Both parents looked at each other, convinced that the other had put the baby in the car. They rushed back, got the key, and found ‘little brother’ sound asleep in his car seat on the cabin’s dining table. They continued their journey to the North Sea.”

This was related by an employee at Danhostel Vejen, and it raises a few important questions: Were the parents super stressed because of the holiday? Didn’t like their third child? Or, was it such a huge vehicle that they couldn’t see all their kids?  All’s well that ends well.  They certainly will never make that mistake again.


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