Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark

06. Dec. 2013
Joy Smith

Danish Singer, Emmelie De Forest, won the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest which ensured that in May, 2014, Denmark will have the honour of hosting the 2014 Contest. This means that visitors from near and far will flock to Copenhagen.  We expect that all hotels and other places which offer accommodation will be booked to capacity.

If you would like to be a part of this great party, it would be a good idea to book your accommodation now!  Danhostel has 5 hostels in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.  Here are the names of the hostels close to the venue:

Danhostel Copenhagen City
Danhostel Copenhagen Amager
Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj
Danhostel  Ishøj Beach
Danhostel Lyngby-Tårbæk

Many of our hostels are like hotels and offer the best atmosphere and reasonable prices; therefore you can have a comfortable and relaxed stay when you visit Denmark for the Eurovision Song Contest.  At most of our hostels, we have en-suite rooms and all our hostels have helpful staff and hosts.  This is a unique opportunity for you to experience the Eurovision song Contest on Danish soil.

Book now so you are guaranteed accommodation before all rooms are sold out! For more information, visit our website at

The Contest will take place on Saturday, May 10, but in the week leading up to the finals, there will be various events in preparation for the Contest.  These will provide opportunities for you to see many performers on stage.

Mark your calendar for May 10 and book now at and keep up with all the activities at

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