Exciting Experiences when you Stay at Danhostel Store Heddinge

27. Mar. 2019
Line Juhl Kronow

Unique nature - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a huge fort hidden beneath the earth, beautiful limestone quarries, castles and estates. There are plenty of experiences in Stevns, so stay at Danhostel Store Heddinge.

Cold War Museum Stevns Fort (Stevnsfortet)
You might think that big guns and war equipment are not the most exciting things to see; however, do not write off a trip to Stevns Fort. Go on a guided tour into the heart of the fort which is bigger than you think. The stories are gripping and informative. Read more about Stevns Fort.

Stevns Cliff
You might have heard of Møns Cliff (Klint), but do you know anything about Stevns Cliff (Klint)? You might. The place is known around the world as a unique location for fossils from animals that lived more than 65 million years ago. It is one of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Denmark. Højerup Church sits at the edge of the cliff and is also worth a visit. Take a walk on the beach below, look up and enjoy the beautiful views. Read more about Stevns Klint here on our UNESCO World Heritage site in Denmark.

Stevns Lighthouse
Stevns Lighthouse Centre and HAWK Højerup (MIM-23 Hawk) are only a five-minute drive from Stevns Cliff. These are other memorials from the cold war and are located at the highest point on the cliff.  From here, you will see an impressive spectacle each year – millions of migrating birds. Visit the exhibition at the old lighthouse keeper’s residence and enjoy the views from the top. Learn more about Stevns Lighthouse.

Boesdal Quarry, Holtug Chalk Pit, Faxe Quarry
Stevns, also known as Quarry Land, offers opportunities for tours to several limestone quarries. The most famous is Faxe Quarry. There is a new lookout post which hangs over the Quarry. It attracts many visitors. Closer to Danhostel Store Heddinge is Holtug Chalk Pit which lies to the north, or Boesdal Quarry, which is just south of Stevns Fort. All are worth a visit. Combine the trip with a stroll on the beach as the quarries and pit are located on the coast.

Stevns Cliff Trail (Trampesti)
If you like long walks, hike on the coast via the hiking trail, Stevns Klint Trampesti. The trail goes along the coast from Stevns Fort to Rødvig, a cosy harbour town with eateries, a ship museum and a lovely beach.

Vallø Castle
Vallø Castle is owned by Vallø Diocese, an independent institution, but is not open to the public.  However, visitors are allowed to walk through the courtyard from 10 am to 6 pm and in the castle park from 10 am to 8 pm.

Solgårds Park
Solgårds Park is in North Stevns and has a view of Køge Bay. Tryggevælde River Valley (Ådal) and its outlet end here. The Park is a beautiful nature area with space for various activities. Several events are held on-site throughout the year. 

Gjorslev Estate (Gods), Gjorslev Castle and Vallø Castle
Gjorslev Castle is one of Denmark's largest medieval castle and it is possible for groups to get a tour without reservation. Most of the Estate is open to the public. Gjorslev Castle and Estate and Vallø Castle are great places to take a break if you are travelling from Copenhagen or North Zealand to Danhostel Store Heddinge and to attractions in Stevns.

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