Green Alternative at Danhostel Copenhagen City

    Benjamin Faddersbøll

    Now the City’s guests can help the environment and have a good conscience when they brush their teeth.

    We know the scenario.  Pack passport, purse and cell phone and go on vacation, while the toothbrush never finds its way into our suitcase because is left at home in the bathroom.  What do we do next? We buy a new plastic toothbrush and, after the holiday is over, we throw it in the garbage.  It is a shame for both the environment and our pocket.  So Danhostel Copenhagen City came up with a green alternative.

    In collaboration with Smile, they now sell a bamboo toothbrush - a product produced from Moso bamboo, one of nature’s most sustainable plants. It is an extremely fast growing plant commercially grown in Asia. In fact, Moso bamboo grows up to approximately 30 cm per day. So while toothbrushes are being used at Danhostel Copenhagen City, the bamboo growth is faster than the usage.  At the same time the toothbrush is unique.  After use, you can throw it in the garbage without damaging the environment because it is biodegradable. In addition to the green profile, Smile and Danhostel Copenhagen City offer toothbrush users an extra point in the conscience account, and this is not just a marketing gimmick. Smile has entered a partnership with DanChurchAid (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp 365) disaster preparedness. So every time a Smile toothbrush is sold, a donation of a toothbrush is included in the hygiene pack distributed in the event of a disaster.

    “The idea for Smile toothbrush originated from our indignation with companies who collect donations, but give only a fraction of the money collected to charity. Smile is our form of rebellion against that kind of trickery. We can donate a toothbrush every time we sell one, and have a green product at the same time,” says Mark Morsi, the co-founder of Share a Smile.

    Mr. Morsi further explains, “In practical terms, we give the value of an entire toothbrush for DanChurchAid’s disaster preparedness.  We work in conjunction with them and agree that a financial donation is the best for everyone. It increases transparency, and provides DanChurchAid the maximum flexibility necessary to arrange their emergency kits as needed when a disaster strikes.”  

    Green is expensive – or is it?

    We as consumers have become accustomed to three expressions; organic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, and we know these products are more expensive. But this is not the case with Smile toothbrushes.

    “A key element of Smile toothbrush is that it is competitive with other toothbrushes, and at the same time greener, and makes a difference in the world,” explains Benjamin Faddersbøll, the other co-founder of Smile.

    The emergency department at DanChurchAid has calculated the average cost per toothbrush at 5DKK.  That is the amount Smile donates each time a Smile toothbrush is sold.

    Starting June, 2014, Smile toothbrushes can be purchased at Danhostel Copenhagen City.

    You can read more at (this page is in Danish).

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