Guide to Odense - The Birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.

    Odense Zoo, Hans Christian Andersen and Odense River

    As the Birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, Odense is a Little Fairytale in Itself.

    Even though Denmark’s third biggest city doesn't offer the urban pulse of Copenhagen or the brilliant beaches of Northern Jutland, Odense offers a unique mix of cosy, laid back life, memorable attractions and superb activities. It has everything the modern tourist needs to enjoy a vacation.
    On this page, will try to help you with your stay in Odense.


    Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard

    Just two kilometres outside Odense, you can find Danhostel Kragsbjerggaard. This 136 bed hostel is situated in a former manor house with a large courtyard garden and its own park. The hostel is particularly well suited for, and very popular with, groups, training and school camps.  It is the perfect place for those, who want a peaceful and relaxed stay at night with the possibility of visiting the vibrant city of Odense during the day.

    More information about Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard


    The life and works of the famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen are well known throughout the world. Odense is famous worldwide as the birthplace of the father of The Little Mermaid. All the unique Andersen exhibitions should be viewed.  Odense has a lot to offer, so take a look at the exciting sites listed below.

    Hans Christian Andersen’s Childhood Home & Museum

    For 12 years of his childhood, the world’s most famous fairytale writer lived in a little house in the centre of Odense. He lived with his parents until the age of 14, and the house with its very humble room was opened as a museum in 1930. Not very far from his birthplace is the museum of the famous writer. The Hans Christian Andersen Museum opened in 1908 and features the poet's life and work.  You are presented with the man, his distinctive appearance and his mind.

    You can explore Hans Christian Andersen's universe, leaf through his books via PC and hear his tales at the many listening posts. The museum shop has a comprehensive selection of books in several languages by and about Hans Christian Andersen.

    Hans Christian Andersen Garden - The Fairytale Garden

    This beautiful garden was established by a book club in 1876, but only the wealthy citizens of Odense had access. In 1942, the book club handed the gardens over to the Municipality of Odense.  Seven years later, a statue of Hans Christian Andersen was erected in the garden. The pergola, all the bridges and the "Chinese Wall" are designed and built to the highest standards, as befit a Town Hall garden.  Today everyone has an opportunity to stroll through the garden located between the city centre and Sankt Knudsgade.

    The Hans Christian Andersen Forest

    A forest was planted in 2005 in honour of the 200th anniversary of the writer's birth. The bright and open oak forest with a large number of trees stretching out into the landscape has the shape of his famous paper cutting, "The Sun as a Face", which shows the face of the sun and the corona. The Hans Christian Andersen Woods covers an area of approximately 8 ha.

    Odense Zoo

    The zoo in Odense is a five-star experience. Here you can get close to some of the most fascinating animals in the world. Enjoy a green oasis in the middle of Odense with beautiful scenery and wide open spaces for your amusement.  Pack a picnic for the whole family.

    Brandt Klædefabrik - Art Exhibition

    Kunsthallen Brandts (formerly The Art Hall Brandts Klædefabrik) moved into an old textile mill in 1987. Kunsthallen shows exhibitions in its four large galleries, mainly contemporary Danish and International art. The programme includes thematic shows, sensory shows for children, and dialogue shows of artists and their sources of inspiration. The exhibitions are primarily of visual art, but also present decorative art, performance, design, architectural and video art.

    Brandts Klædefabrik also contains The Danish Media Museum and The Museum of Photographic Art.

    Iron Age Village

    In the northwest part of Odense, The Iron Age Village is a reconstructed ancient environment built according to findings from archaeological excavations. The village is a 'Historical Workshop' where you can obtain insight in the general living conditions of our ancestors 2000 years ago - in theory and in practice. The ancient houses are converted into active workshops, where old crafts are carried out. The Iron-Age Village is situated in a beautiful area in Stavidsaadalen, where campfire facilities, tables, and benches are available to the public.

    The Tinderbox

    Near the Hans Christian Andersen Museum is The Tinderbox Cultural Centre for Children.  This is a cultural centre for children who are invited into the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen.  The activities include storytelling, playing with costumes, face painting and creative activities in the workshop. 

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