Lene's dream of being the host at a Danhostel came true, and this is her fifth year!

    Line Juhl Kronow

    It has been five years since Lene Hviid became the owner of Danhostel Viborg. Lene dreamed of running a small bed and breakfast, but this developed into something bigger when she became the owner of Danhostel Viborg.

    Sixty-two-year-old Lene was a teacher and supervisor at Nørbæk Efterskole. The municipality owned Danhostel Viborg when she took over as host. After 10 months, the municipality decided to sell the property they had owned for 38 years.

    Lene decided to buy the hostel and offered as much as the bank was willing to lend. There were other interested bidders, so Lene had to wait to get an answer from the Municipality. The result was worth it. She could buy Danhostel Viborg.

    Good Cooperation
    Lene is happy to be her own master. When she was employed at Nørbæk Efterskole, the school set the agenda. At Danhostel Viborg, Lene is the boss and decision-maker, so she, plus her efficient and responsible team handle day to day affairs of Danhostel. Guests notice and appreciate the team spirit when they stay at Danhostel Viborg.

    Hostel Ownership - A way of Life
    Running a Danhostel is a unique lifestyle. The evening hours on weekdays and weekends are often spent working. Lene realises that there is a great deal of freedom associated with hostel life. As the boss, she can adjust her work hours. Lene can divide or combine her work and leisure time as she lives on-site.

    A Developing Danhostel
    Danhostel Viborg has made significant improvements in the five years since Lene Hviid bought it. In 2013, Lene was the only staff on the payroll. Currently, there are chefs, caretakers, cleaning assistants and young workers. Danhostel Viborg has doubled in value. Many are pleased with the lovely premises and facilities such as large banquet rooms and bright course facilities. The hostel’s location is near Søndersø (Lake) and a forest.  Danhostel Viborg has a venue for confirmations, family birthdays and other private events.

    Learn more about Danhostel Viborg here.

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    Danhostel Esbjerg has a New Hostess
    Line Juhl Kronow

    Sally Due Sperling will be the new hostess at Danhostel Esbjerg on January 1, 2020. She will replace Marianne and Børge Bull who will say goodbye after 23 wonderful years as hosts at Danhostel Esbjerg. Sally is not a stranger to Danhostel as she is the current hostess at Danhostel Kolding and will say goodbye at the end of 2019.

    Danhostel Ebeltoft has already implemented 4 of the 17 UN World Goals

    In the spring of 2019, the Danhostel brand published a manifesto and new strategy to implement the 17 UN Sustainable Goals over the coming years. Several Danhostels have already embraced many of the initiatives. Danhostel Ebeltoft has already implemented 4 of the 17 World Goals.