Meet Rolf Hauge – Host at Danhostel Skagen

    Line Juhl Kronow

    We asked our hosts/hostesses at the different Danhostels about their experiences while holidaying in Denmark. We start with Rolf Hauge, the host at Danhostel Skagen.

    Name: Rolf Hauge
    Number of Years at Danhostel: Feels like I have always been here.  I started the beginning of 1994 and now its almost 24 years.
    Where were you born and raised?
    I was born in Aalbæk just south of Skagen and moved to Skagen after finishing school.  I have lived here ever since.  I love Skagen with its unique areas and stunning scenery. We always have a nice atmosphere and it changes with the seasons. We feel very privileged to be here.
    Where in Denmark did you spend your last holiday?
    My last vacation was in June, just outside Sønderborg in South Jutland where we met our 3 children and our grandchildren "halfway". It was a cosy holiday in a cosy area.
    Where is your favourite place in Denmark to spend your holidays?
    I like many different places in Denmark. Sometimes I go out of the country, but I have been to Copenhagen many times. The last 15 years have been a Christmas holiday just before Christmas with a week of enjoyment, good food and drink, as well as many cultural experiences.
    Which location in Denmark would you like to visit that you have never been to before?
    I would like to visit the South Funen Archipelago on the island of Funen.  I have never been there.
    What is the best thing about holidaying in Denmark?
    The best thing about a holiday in Denmark is the difference between a holiday in the small towns as opposed to holiday in the big cities.  Denmark is all in all a nice country.
    What would you say to those who do not normally spend their holidays in Denmark?
    I would always recommend staying in Denmark and vacationing at a Danhostel.  Danhostels are more attractive and the standards get better and better. Planning a holiday at a Danhostel in the right way can be done very economically.
    What is the best thing about being a host at a Danhostel?
    To host a Danhostel is to me my life's desire.  For me, it is a lifestyle. To drive into the hostel's parking lot and be unable to find a parking spot for my own car and to look out at the meadows where 100 camp school students play is life-affirming.
    If you could mention ONLY one thing about your hostel, what would it be?
    If I have to highlight one thing at Danhostel Skagen, I can proudly tell you that the external and internal OBJECTIVE I made in 1994 still applies. It applies to guests and also to my staff, and it reads: "It is nice and cosy to be at Danhostel Skagen."
    Which hostel would you recommend to our guests?
    As you can see from the colour of my hair and the many years in the industry, I have been around a long time and have visited a lot of Danhostels.  For me, it is impossible to recommend just one particular Danhostel - besides Danhostel Skagen. I would like to point out that the diversity at our Danhostels is definitely our strong side. We have enjoyed holidays at the Copenhagen Danhostels, but we could also choose Danhostels in the opposite direction and mention, for example, Danhostel Rebild, a small cosy hostel in North Jutland. So what I really want to say is, try all our Danhostels.
    In our interviews, hosts at the various Danhostels will come with their experiences regarding their holiday in Denmark. We hope it will give some insight into who we are at Danhostel and what we appreciate when we holiday in Denmark.
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