Padborg - The Danish Border Town with Accommodation and Shopping at Reasonable Prices

03. Sep. 2013
Kåre Welinder/Translated by J. Smith

Padborg - a Danish Border Town and home of Danhostel Padborg

Padborg is a Danish border town and is the location of the motel-like Danhostel Padborg.  The hostel is centrally located near exit 75, the last stop on highway 45 before the Danish/German border.

Danhostel Padborg welcomes all travellers. The guests are not only Norwegians and Swedes taking a rest for the night on their way to the South of France, or the Dutch and Germans who keep their GPS pointed toward northern Europe. It is much more than that. Even though the host Lorens Nielsen agrees that a large part of the clientele are highway guests, many others deliberately come and stay at the cosy hostel where every room has its own entrance, private terrace and bathroom. They stay 1-3 nights at Danhostel Padborg so they can visit the many nearby attractions.

"From all parts of the country, guests come to try out cross-border trade in Fleggaard. We are centrally located. Many pensioners stay at our hostel for long periods because they want to experience the natural phenomenon Black Sun (black starlings flying off into the sunset), visit Schleswig and Flensburg and explore the entire region where many of them were once soldiers," says Lorens Nielsen.

Why do you think the guests choose Danhostel Padborg over the Bed and Breakfasts in the area?

"It has something to do with cosiness. Each room has its own entrance and terrace and you can be yourself. Once guests visit us the first time, they come again. People enjoy themselves in our café, Lyren, which is also part of the environment here, and I have no problem with guests who consume drinks bought in Germany on their private terrace. We do not keep an eye on the people, as long as there is quiet time at 10 p.m. Guests can check in after our office closes using our special key box. We trust our customers and have never had any problems with after hours check-in.”

What is so special about Danhostel Padborg when compared to other places in the area which offer overnight accommodation?

"We provide a comfortable bed at a reasonable price just like the old days, and we are friendly and take a personal interest in both animals and humans. We are not disabled approved, but we are disabled friendly. Anyone with a wheelchair is able to access rooms on the ground floor from the entrance on the terrace. We have four special rooms for guests with dogs, and four special rooms for people with allergies. We also have an offer called "Just Sleep", where you can bring your own food and linen, and get the overnight stay at a low price.”

What does one experience during a visit to Danhostel Padborg?

"We are close to both the highway and border route, so a lot of bicycle tourists come here. VisitViborg Tourist Bureau works very hard to promote the route which runs from Viborg via Flensburg to Hamburg (Hærvejen). We have a good working relationship with them and get many guests from Central Jutland. Universe (formerly Danfoss Universe) is a popular attraction. Many tourists choose to combine a visit to Frøslevlejren (a German internment camp built in 1944 in German-occupied Denmark during World War II), with a visit to us. And then there are the border stores that are frequently visited. "

What is the connection between Cafe Lyren and Danhostel Padborg?

When we built the hostel in 2000, we intended for Café Lyren to function as a meeting place, a café for our guests and as a restaurant for anyone interested in a good meal. Our expectations have been realized, and our lunch menu has been a great success. For only 62 Danish kroner, you get a large salad, dinner with fried pork, pork chops or fish fillets with tartar sauce, and dessert. Many take advantage of this offer. We have invested in new kitchen equipment, and we chose to grill all our barbeque instead of deep frying. We believe our guests are pleased with this decision.”

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