Ribe - The Best Small Town

21. Jul. 2014
Joy Smith

Ribe - the fascinating town in South Jutland, Denmark, with a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ribe is a fascinating town which has the distinction of being Denmark’s oldest town with well preserved buildings, and a variety of museums, a cathedral and a black friar monastery.  Many tourists come to Ribe every year and each visit guarantees an unforgettable experience.  Visit Ribe Cathedral with a rich history linked to the Danish kings, museums such as the Art and Viking Museums, the time capsule-style Viking attraction Ribe Viking Centre or plan a guided tour of the city to fit the wishes of your group or family.  When the night Watchman makes his tour of the town, follow him as he reminds residents of their approaching bedtime.

Cycle around Ribe and tour the Wadden Sea National Park, one of Denmark’s national parks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can catch the biggest oysters in the world, see thousands of harbour seals, gaze in amazement at the migratory starlings fly into the sunset known as Sort Sol (Black Sun), and see the home of hundreds of plants and animals only found in the Park. Try Danhostel Ribe Sea Explorer tour.

Danhostel Ribe provides the best breakfast in town.  Try some of the local eateries for lunch and dinner. Weis Stue is a cosy restaurant whose history goes back over 300 hundred years.   Kolvig serves great local Wadden Sea Tapas. Quedens Gaard Café and Krambod provides light meals, good sandwiches, beers and coffee, and has a menu for children.  Enjoy indoor or outdoor dining when you order lunch and dinner.  

Ribe Brewery is located close to the Cathedral and brews excellent quality beers using the same traditions as English ale.  Visit the brewery and watch the brewers at work.  You can taste some of their brew and buy as much as you wish.

Experience the many opportunities for fun in Ribe and if you need accommodation, Danhostel Ribe or our other hostels in South Jutland are excellent choices.   Let us know about your experiences in beautiful Ribe.

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Unique nature in the form of UNESCO World Heritage, a huge fort hidden beneath the earth, beautiful limestone quarries, castles and estates. There are plenty of experiences in Stevns when you stay at Danhostel Store Heddinge.

MEET OUR HOSTESS - 12 Charlotte Andersen - Hostess at Danhostel Vejle
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Charlotte, hostess at Danhostel Vejle, is from North Jutland. She is thus a true Jutland native and can tell many good things about why people should holiday in Jutland.