Summer, Sun and Beach in Denmark

    07. Jul. 2014
    Joy Smith

    It’s time for a beach holiday in Denmark.

    So it’s time for a beach holiday in Denmark. Sun, summer, beach!

    If you are looking for a holiday which includes sun, heat and lots of sand and water, then choose one of our Danhostels located close to the beach.  We have 35 such hostels in different locations around Denmark. 

    There is a fantastic harbour and swim area near Danhostel Copenhagen City at Islands Brygge. It is only a few minutes from the hostel. 

    Danhostel Roskilde lies in the middle of the harbour in Roskilde.  Here you can enjoy swim and take a tour of Roskilde Fjord with the tour boat Sajafjord which stops just in front of the hostel. 

    Danhostel Skagen is close to one of the best beaches in North Jutland.  Visit Grenen- at the top pf Denmark, where you can stand with both feet in the Kattegat and Skagerrak Seas.  Take a ride in the famous Sandormen - a wagon pulled by a tractor.

    Enjoy Skagen’s beaches and exciting attractions when you stay at Danhostel Skagen. 

    For more information, contact Danhostel to plan your holiday.





    Danhostel Esbjerg has a New Hostess
    | Line Juhl Kronow

    Sally Due Sperling will be the new hostess at Danhostel Esbjerg on January 1, 2020. She will replace Marianne and Børge Bull who will say goodbye after 23 wonderful years as hosts at Danhostel Esbjerg. Sally is not a stranger to Danhostel as she is the current hostess at Danhostel Kolding and will say goodbye at the end of 2019.

    Many Danhostels are Open all Year Round 2019 - 2020.
    | Line Juhl Kronow

    Many Danhostels are open all year, while others are closed only between Christmas and the New Year. Below is a list of the Danhostels where you can book accommodation out of season and during winter.