18. Aug. 2014
    Joy Smith

    A Viking History Like No Other

    Denmark has a Viking heritage like no other country in Europe.  In various cities and towns in Denmark relics of the history of the Vikings can be found.  Museums, monuments, runic stones, Viking boats, and forts recount the history of the exploits of these seafaring warriors. 

    The Vikings, also called Norsemen or pirates, were seafaring warriors who were renowned for their raiding and conquering of certain parts of Europe, in addition to their skills in navigation and shipbuilding.  Traces of their exploits can still be viewed and explored in countries such as England, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and France.

    Museums in many towns and cities in Denmark recount the history of the Vikings. Here are two examples of the Museums in Aarhus and Roskilde.

    The Viking Museum in Aarhus is located in the cellar under Nordea bank on St. Clemens Torv.  The museum features remains which were unearthed when archaeologists excavated the area and found a part of the town with the ramparts, fences, pottery, houses and other artefacts.  The discovery of a headless skeleton caused many to speculate about what exactly happened. Admission to this Museum is free. 

    The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde at Roskilde Fjord exhibits five Viking ships. The original vessels were used for fishing, war, transport and trade.  The reconstructed vessels were built using the same tools and wood as the original ships. The Museum offers boat trips in the reconstructed Viking ships or on Nordic boats on Roskilde fjord. Currently there is an exhibition until December 30, 2014, called ‘The World in the Viking Age,’ which highlights trips to the Middle East and Mediterranean. For more information about the Museum, visit http://www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/en/.

    The Jelling stones are located in the city of Jelling.  One of the runestone was erected by Harald Bluetooth after he unified the Danish and Norwegian people, and converted the Danes to Christianity.  The inscription on the stone is dedicated to his parents, King Gorm and Queen Thyra.  The other stone was raised by King Gorm in honour of his wife Thyra.

    Various Viking attractions are open all year round, so your visit to Denmark will certainly be enlightening. There are many Danhostels near Viking sites. For more information, visit our website at:  /vikinger, and view the hostels listed on the page.


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