Our Hostels

    A hostel for everyone
    In 2010, 95 hostels are affiliated with the Danhostel chain, and they are all very different with regard to appearance, furnishings and decor, atmosphere, facilities and location. Some hostels are located in the centre of town and are an ideal base for museum visits, shopping and enjoying café culture. Others are out in the country or by the sea and are perfect for relaxation, cycling trips, walks and time together with the family. No matter where you are in Denmark, you are never more than 35 km away from the nearest hostel!

    All hostels are run by a host or host couple. The hosts are committed people with an extensive knowledge of the local area and are often more than willing to recommend good outings, etc. Together with the other staff at the hostel, it is the host’s job to ensure that the hostel is a pleasant place to be for everyone. If you have any questions during your stay, you are always welcome to contact the host/hosts or another member of staff.

    Opening hours at the hostels
    The staffing of Danhostel’s hostels varies from place to place – hence the differences in the opening hours of the hostels.

    During the peak season from 1/7–15/9, the hostel receptions will be open and telephones answered between 8am and 12 noon and from 4pm-8pm as a minimum, and the rest of the year from 8am–10am and 4pm–6pm, unless the hostel is closed for holidays, the season, etc. All hostels have an answering machine that advises when the host/reception can be reached again. The receptions at the three city hostels in Copenhagen are open round the clock whenever the hostels are open.

    At all hostels, once you have been given the key to your room, you may come and go as you please round the clock.

    Booking outside opening hours
    All of Danhostel’s 95 hostels offer the possibility of booking and paying for rooms online. This allows you to book your stay at one of the hostels at your leisure – even if is late at night and the hostel has long since shut down its telephone service for the day.

    To book online, click 'Go directly to booking' on the home page, or search for the hostel you wish to stay at on the map of Denmark, and then book directly at the hostel from this page.

    Contact details
    At www.danhostel.dk you will find the addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc., of all 95 of our hostels. You can find the details by searching for the hostel you are interested in on the map of Denmark on the home page.