Local Couple from Brønshøj will be the New Hosts at Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj in 2018

    Anette Price

    From 1 February 2018, Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj will have new hosts. Kathrine and Jannich Lind will be at the forefront of the well-known hostel in Bellahøj. Kathrine is employed as Chief Accountant at Danhostel's headquarters, where she has been for four years; however, her career at Danhostel started back in 2000, where she, at just 15 years old, got her first job at Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj.

    The family's dream has always been to run their own hostel, so when the opportunity arose, they did not hesitate to jump at the chance. They will officially take over hostel operations on February 1, 2018, and along with their two children, will move into the apartment at the hostel in February 2018.

    The Dream Becomes a Reality

    Kathrine's dream to run her own hostel started when she was very young. Throughout her professional life, she has been a part of Danhostel, which she knows like the back of her hand. She started at Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj as a kitchen assistant when she was only 15 years old and at 18, became the receptionist at the same hostel. After a business education at the Hotel and Restaurant School in 2009, she became responsible for accounting and operations at Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj. For the last four years, she has been the Chief Accountant for Danhostel’s 62 hostels.  Even then, the dream was still high on her list.

    Kathrine Lind, new host of Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj says, “I have always had a great passion for the hostel industry and although I have been in an administrative function for some years, I have always maintained the dream and the desire to return to a hostel and run it daily. I love providing good service and maintaining contact with people. At a hostel, you have those options because you encounter guests and staff daily. I look forward to working with the staff and helping with the future development of Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj.  My husband and I have great plans to make the place more visible and open to the locals. We would like to play an active role in the community, for example, by being socially responsible and initiating local events for the area's citizens.”

    The Return to Brønshøj

    For Kathrine and Jannich Lind, the area in and around Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj is not unknown territory. Kathrine was born and raised in Brønshøj and went to school there. The couple met at Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj, got married at Brønshøj Church and held the wedding reception at Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj. They still have a large network in the area and are looking forward to returning to Brønshøj as a family.

    The Perfect Profile for Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj

    Director of Danhostel, Ole Andersen, is looking forward to continued cooperation with Kathrine.  He states, "For almost four years I have had the pleasure of working with Kathrine in connection with her position as Chief Accountant for the Danhostel Association.  She is a competent employee and has a wealth of knowledge about Danhostel from which she will benefit in the future. We received many applications from various candidates for the position of host at Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj but chose Kathrine and Jannich because of their knowledge of the area, love for the hostel and their exciting plans to make Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj an active part of the community.  This was crucial to the selection. I look forward to continuing the cooperation and I am convinced that with Kathrine and Jannich in the driving seat, we chose the perfect couple who will continue to manage the business successfully.”

    For further information, contact Kathrine and Jannich Lind at +45 41 99 47 02 or email them at kathrine@danhostel.dk.

    Read more about Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj here.

    Facts about Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj

    • Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj is one of the 62 hostels in the Danhostel Association.
    • There are 39 rooms and a total of 218 beds (4 rooms with private bathrooms) at the hostel.
    • The hostel is certified for day meetings and there are conference and meeting facilities for up to 35 people.
    • The hostel is ideal for school camps.
    • There is a cosy common area, a TV lounge, a play area and a well-equipped guest kitchen.
    • The hostel is just 4 km from the centre of Copenhagen, close to Copenhagen Zoo, Frederiksberg Swimming Pool and Spa, and sports facilities.
    • There is free, secured parking.
    • Wireless Internet is available.
    • There is good accessibility for wheelchair users.

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