Danhostel Steps up with a New Strategy and a New Director

    In 2015, Danhostel will launch a new strategy which will focus on growth. The point of departure will be strong customer experience and professional hostel management. In this way, Danhostel will concentrate on the accommodation market for guests who prioritize activities and leisure.

    To spearhead the new ambitious strategy, Danhostel hired Ole Andersen as Director on October 1, 2014. Since the beginning of 2014, Ole has operated his own consulting firm, and for 14 years previous to that, he was the Sales and Marketing Director for Wonderful Copenhagen.

    "In hiring Ole Andersen on October 1, Danhostel has secured an accomplished and distinctive Director who will position Danhostel in first place in the Danish and foreign tourists' consciousness," said Peer H. Kristensen, Chairman of Danhostel.

    "I look very much forward to get started and to work with talented, motivated employees and members to realise the huge development and growth potential of Danhostel," says Ole Andersen and continues, "the goal is to create growth and increase profits for the members, which must be done through boosting customer experience, brand and storytelling, as well as the performance-oriented sales and marketing activities. Danhostel will also strengthen its cooperation with the Leisure Industry, and play an active role in creating growth in the Danish tourism”.

    For further information contact:

    Peer H. Kristensen                                                                           Ole Andersen
    Board Director                                                                                 Director
    Telephone: 51 97 79 99                                                                  Telephone: 21 79 64 00

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