Places to Eat in Odense



    When foods made from fresh produce is your first choice and quality is a top priority, you cannot go wrong in Hans Christian Andersen's city.  This is what restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and other eateries offer in Odense.  This is the place where you can find any cuisine from the Danish traditional flæskesteg with parsley sauce and brown potatoes to Thai, Japanese and other culinary specialties.  This is what you expect from Copenhagen and Aarhus’ little sister.  Odense will not be outdone.  

    For a taste of Denmark, why not try Restaurant Grønttorvet?  You will not regret it.

    Arkaden Food Market is now open, so try a bit of this and a bit of that each time you visit.

    How about a great burger, whether you want the regular meat or vegetarian, or you want to play around with foiegras, trøffel, mushroom or strawberry burgers? Burger Anarchy is a hot burger spot in Odense, so check it out.

    Check out a variety of eateries in Odense where you can find reasonably priced meals, or if you broke the bank and want to splurge a bit, you will definitely find places that will take your money and provide you with mouth-wateringly great food.

    Here are more places to eat in Odense. 


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