Holiday Shopping in Denmark

    Joy Smith

    Denmark offers great opportunities for your holiday shopping needs. Many towns and cities around the country have already opened their Christmas markets.

    During the Christmas season, there are lights everywhere to brighten up the grey days and nights of winter, a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, people casually strolling or purchasing gifts, and the smell of traditional food and drink in the air.  This is a taste of Danish 'hygge.’

    Start your trip in wonderful Copenhagen.  The City and surrounding areas provide great shopping experiences. The walking street (Strøget) decorated with lights, Magasin and Illums department stores aglow with Christmas decorations, Tivoli with rides and the spirit of the holiday season, and various malls, shops and stalls with all sorts of products to tickle your fancy.  Elsinore and other areas in North Zealand also offer excellent shopping opportunities. 

    Compare the holiday atmosphere and prices in Sweden when you take a trip to Malmo, just 40 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station via the Øresund train, or a mini cruise to Helsingborg from Elsinore.  Take advantage of the low Swedish kroner. 

    Odense, full of history and ambiance, is centrally located on the island of Funen, and is easily accessible from all angles.  Use the trip to Odense to shop and visit historical buildings and attractions in the city.  The Hans Christian Andersen’s Christmas market, staged just as it was in the days of the famous Danish writer, offers a variety of markets, featuring stalls filled with holiday decorations, Christmas goodies, and entertainment.

    South Jutland is a great area to shop for the Christmas season.  The border towns sell products such as mulled wine (gløgg), cookies, cakes, and other products for the holiday season.  One of the border towns, Flensburg, has Christmas stalls which stretch from north to south along the walking street. 

    Aarhus in East Jutland is the second largest city in Denmark.  It is a lively city, with world class art and culture.  With good connections by train, ferry and bus, Aarhus is the perfect city for a shopping holiday.  The Old Town Museum provides information about Danish Christmas celebrations and a chance to participate in activities, enjoy foods served at this time of the year, and learn more about the traditions linked to the holidays.

    There are also great shopping opportunities in North Jutland and a chance to see how Danes celebrate the holidays.  While In Frederikshavn, combine a shopping tour with a trip to Norway by ferry.  It is a great way to experience Norwegian holiday shopping and traditions.

    While you do your holiday shopping in Denmark, find out more about the Danish celebrations.  Learn why the Danes call Christmas Jul, and why they sing and dance around the tree.

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