Plan your Trip to Denmark's UNESCO Sites

29. May. 2017
Joy Smith


With 63 Danhostels spread out around Denmark, there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site close to at least one of our hostels.  Would you like to visit all 7 sites in just a few days?

Use our trip planner and visit Roskilde Cathedral, Kronborg Castle, Par Force Hunting in North Zealand, Stevns Klint, the Jelling Monument and Runic Stones, Christiansfeld and Wadden Sea National Park.

If your trip ends at the Wadden Sea National Park, treat yourself to a shopping spree at the border shops located between Denmark and Germany.  You will not regret your decision.

For more information on the 7 UNESCO sites and our handy trip planner, visit our “Guides” page.

All Can Stay at the Monastery - Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster
| Line Juhl Kronow

Experience history when you spend the night near the Limfjord at Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster.

Take an Unforgettable Underground Adventure at Mønsted Limestone Mine
| Line Juhl Kronow

It is hard to believe you are in Denmark when you visit breathtaking Mønsted Limestone Mine. Located close to the town of Viborg, Mønsted Limestone Mine has been converted to an exciting attraction with sound and light installations.