Rold & Rebild – A Perfect Package Deal

    Kåre Welinder

    You get a gem of a package deal when you check in at Danhostel Rebild. With the price comes the magnificent surroundings of Denmark's largest forest, Rold Skov, and experiences await all just outside the door.

    "It is so beautiful here, and it is like this all year round when the snow falls or the heather blooms in August and September, and the hills are completely purple. When the beech trees blossom, and day by day you can experience how the forest becomes greener and finally completely dense, or during autumn when the leaves fall and the forest produces new, wonderful colours."

    Danhostel Rebild’s host, Vivi Frejlev Schnefeld, could go on endlessly sharing sensory perceptions about Rold Forest as there are so many to enjoy when you are in Rebild town or the surrounding Rold Forest. Often it is these impressions people come here to experience.

    Church Owls and Canoeing

    "People come to Rold Forest all year round just to experience the autumn colours in the forest, and many choose to stay with us" says Vivi Frejlev Schnefeld, who adds that it is often nature-loving guests who check in. It can be biologists or ornithologists who study the rare little owls that breed in Rold Forest, but also groups and course participants who combine an event at Danhostel Rebild with experiences in the forest.

    Also just as was visiting, the Heart Foundation held a three-day course where daily walks in the forest were combined with Vivi Frejlev Schnefeld’s specially made, hearty meals which were prepared with the students.

    "It is no coincidence that people stay with us. Guests are aware of nature, and there are families who visit, so we have a great playground that is very popular, where you can spend the night in shelters and cook over a fire," says Vivi and names a wide range of activities in the area such as biking, hiking and canoeing as the most popular, with the possibility for riding or geocaching in the vast forest that surrounds Danhostel Rebild.

    Team Building and Good Catering

    Vivi Frejlev Schnefeld explains that because there is so much diversity in the physical activities around Rold Forest and Rebild Hill, the area is popular with firms and other groups who have teambuilding as part of their programme. “We work with the companies Rold Skov Adventure and Bjerg & Søb, who both offer professional teambuilding.  Both have trained instructors who handle events such as mast climbing, parkour, etc., where their main aim is teambuilding. With this attractive offer, Danhostel is ready to provide accommodation and catering, and we have had great success with this arrangement.

    Popular with mountain bikes

    In recent years, a new activity has become popular as never before.  "You see hardly a car passing through Rebild without mountain bikes strapped on the back. Mountain biking has become one of the biggest draws in this area, and the trend is increasing because rallies are held here, and it has become popular for groups to rent bicycles and guides for a walk in the woods."

    Although Vivi Frejlev Schnefeld also has bicycle groups stay at the hostel, it is often the mature crowd who visit Danhostel Rebild. They have time for contemplation, and do so because the area has lots of space to breathe. Most of the guests are groups, and Vivi Frejlev Schnefeld tells about weddings with over 100 guests, and many families who gather here for a weekend. Sometimes they sit in the garden, have a cozy time and check up on the family saga, while others choose to book a guide, who leads them through the forest.   Vivi Frejlev Schnefeld makes packed lunches for both groups and families when her guests go for a walk in the forest.

    Enthusiasm for Nature

    Danhostel Rebild’s 21 rooms are also fully booked when the traditional 4th of July celebration is held at Rebild Bakker, and the guests always tell the host that her hostel has the optimal location for experiences in the woods.

    “Common to all types of guests is their excitement about nature.  Some say they have never been here and how beautiful it is.  Every time we have a group, people say that they were not aware that it is so lovely in Rebild and the surrounding forests, and that is always nice to hear,” says Vivi Frejlev Schnefeld.

    Take a look at Danhostel Rebild here:

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