Danhostel Sport: The Place for You and Your Club

    Danhostel has launched a new initiative. Danhostel Sport for active sports athletes who would like sporting opportunities second to none.

    Danhostel Sport: The Place For You and Your Club
    Dec. 3, 2013
    Press Release

    Danhostel Sport is a number of hostels which have come together to offer players of football, badminton, handball, swimmers and other sports the best sports environment.  With Danhostel Sport you will be provided with the best training facilities and good nutrition.

    Danhostel Sport offers a total solution, so if you and your club provide the dates, we will do the rest.  Anything from meals, training schedules, matches and social activities – of course, all according to your wishes.

    "At Danhostel Fjerritslev, we have for over 25 years, hosted happy handball players on training camps and handball schools.  When one goes to training camp, 3 things are important: a comfortable stay, healthy food and a good workout. That you can get from us,” says Anders F. Nielsen, who is the Deputy Head at Danhostel Fjerritslev and Han Herred Recreational Centre.

    Training camp at Danhostel means more than just training.  Here you will find good rooms, lots of sports facilities; for example fitness centres, mountain bike trails and swimming facilities.  And then there is the food - crucial for athletes.

    “Danhostel Esbjerg is in a class by itself. Swimmers train a lot, so it is important for them to stay in a good location, and Danhostel Esbjerg is the best.  There are excellent training facilities within walking distance, and they provide nutritious food.

    During winter, we usually go to other countries, but if we cannot do that, we prefer to go to Esbjerg,” says Kim W Larsen, the swimming coach at Gladsaxe Swimming Centre, who has held training camp 16 times at Danhostel Esbjerg.

    In many places all over the country, Danhostel is part of a recreational or sports centre, and because of that, we can guarantee the best facilities whether you or your team play handball, badminton, football or any other sports.  At Danhostelsport.dk, you can find the best place for your particular sport.

    The Director of Danhostel, Ina Thorndahl, welcomes the initiative which she believes is deeply rooted in the spirit of Danhostel Hostel Organisation. “From its inception, the organisation and other hostels organisations have been used by active people, therefore it is fantastic that we can offer sports to athletes in the best environment,” and she continues, “it started as an organisation for hikers.  It has now become a hostel for all, and Danhostel Sport for all sports and athletes.”

    About Danhostel from Danhostel.dk/en:

    As of 2013, there are 92 hostels in the Danhostel Organisation, and they are unique in appearance, layout, facilities and location.  So whether you want to visit the peninsula or the islands, enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, experience rural or city life, eat homemade food at the hostel or at a famous restaurants, there is a Danhostel for you.  No matter where you are in Denmark, you are never more than 22 miles from the nearest Danhostel.  All our hostels have either a host or a host family who have a vast knowledge of the local area and are happy to share their experiences with you regarding excursions, restaurants, activities and much more.

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