Guide to Bornholm - A Little Danish Pearl

19. Aug. 2013

Round Churches and Nature

Bornholm - The Pearl of the Baltic Sea - With Good Reason.

This small island is something out of the ordinary in Danish culture.

With its granite foundation, Bornholm is actually more similar to Norway or Sweden, so maybe this natural difference is what attracts so many tourists to the little Danish pearl. Or maybe it is the amazing beaches, especially Dueodde, with the finest sand in Denmark. Maybe it's the special, round churches, the gastronomical specialties smoked herring, Sol over Gudhjem, or the famous Krøllebølle Icecream. Bornholm and its 45,000 inhabitants have so much to offer its visitors. 


Bornholm has so much to offer its visitors.  The attractions combined with impressive nature, the food and the generous and friendly inhabitants of Bornholm, make Bornholm the perfect destination for the whole family. Water, rocks, beaches, churches, museums, excellent local food and fine gourmet dining - Bornholm has it all.

Here are a few suggestions of what to see and do on Bornholm.

Dueodde beach 

This beach has the whitest, finest sand you will ever find. The sand at Dueodde Beach was once used in hourglasses.


This 35-ton stone is believed to be moveable. This huge stone, which dates back to the Ice Age, is one of the must sees on Bornholm. This will be especially interesting for families with children. Rokkestenen lies in Paradis Bakkerne - Paradise Hills.

The Round Churches of Bornholm 

The four round churches are maybe the most famous landsmarks on Bornholm and they tell a lot about the strategic position of Bornholm during the Middle Ages.  Seven of these churches in Denmark are believed to be a mix of a fortress and a church.  The biggest round church is in Østerlars, and the other three are in Olsker, Nyker og Nylars.

Hammershus castleruin

Built in the 12th century, the biggest castle ruins in Northern Europe was abandoned in 1745, and is an impressive landmark of Bornholm's past. The ruins can be found in Allinge in the north, and are worth a visit when you come to Bornholm.


One of the highest points in Denmark can be found in the forest of Almindingen. It is 172 m (564 ft) above sea level, and has a large stone tower built in 1856.  


In the third biggest forest of Denmark, Almindingen, you will find Ekkodalen - Echo Valley. In beautiful surroundings you can shout out messages in the valley, and get answers echoed back.


20 km (12.4mi) east of Bornholm lies the Ertholmene Islands with two main islands, namely Christiansø and Frederiksø. Christiansø is Denmark's easternmost point, and tourists visit the islands for the rough, but very beautiful surroundings. The fortress, many birds and impressive nature are protected areas. To get there, take the boat from Gudhjem or Svaneke.

Restaurant Kadeau 

In the south of Bornholm, Restaurant Kadeau probably has the best view of any restaurant in the world.  It is cosy and inviting.  The chefs love Bornholm and make all their dishes using local and Nordic products.  Their mission and ambition is to `explore the regional cuisine and define new and outlandish tastes based on the Nordic dogma.´  You will find the true taste of Bornholm at Kadeau.

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