Bliv en del af Danhostel kæden

    Skal dit overnatningssted være en del af Danmarks største fællesskab for danske vandrerhjem?

    Would your accommodation location like to be part of Denmark's largest community of Danish Hostels? 

    The Danhostel Association operates as a voluntary association funded exclusively by member fees.

    The board consists of seven people and is represented by hosts, owners and users. This ensures a common involvement in all decisions so that all operations are carried out in a professional manner.

    Danhostel's board members work hard to develop the brand so that the standards continue to meet guests' expectations.


    What do YOU get from the Association?

    As a member of the Danhostel Association, we provide marketing and administrative assistance.  You get a wide range of benefits and services which contribute to making your day easier, support your work and help enhance your image. 


    - Visible signage via Flag, Signs and Logo

    - Your own website in Danhostel layout

    - Profile page at

    - Joint nationwide campaigns with focus on booking

    - Assistance with local marketing

    - Google Adwords (Google Advertising)

    - Press releases

    - Advertisements of your offers on our website

    - Your own page at

    - Your offers in Danhostel's newsletters as well as and Danhostel's Facebook page

    - Access to Danhostel’s Loyalty Program

    - Access a partner agreement with Ældresagen and FDM

    - Access to our Rating System

    - Automatic reporting to Denmark statistics

    - Favourite Settlement Agreement (DIBS/Teller)

    - Access to our networks and mentoring

    - Photographing of your accommodation

    - The possibility of integration to the major booking portals,, Expedia, hihostels, touristonline, etc.

    - You become part of a community with colleagues who share similar hostelling experiences


    If you have any questions, please contact Ole Andersen, Director, at +45 21 79 64 00.