Amager Common (Amagerfælled)


    If you want a relaxing oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Amager Common (Amagerfælled) is one of the best places to be.  This area with wetlands, fields and lakes has shed its filthy past and is now a place of peace and tranquillity.  Here, you and your friends can be active or just chill out, relax and enjoy the natural surroundings and the rich animal life.  There is room for you to hike, bike, jog or just have a lie-down, so expect to find hikers, joggers, cyclists, bikers, sunbathers, anglers, dog walkers and picnic lovers.  If you love to go fruit and berry picking, you will find and a variety of such that you can eat or use to make jams and marmalade.  Bring some disposable grills and enjoy a barbeque evening together.

    The area of Amagerfælled will be further developed and more trails for biking, hiking and jogging, plus other additional recreational facilities will be added.

    To get to Amagerfælled, take the Metro which terminates in West Amager to Islands Brygge or the Øresund train from Copenhagen Central Station to Ørestad station and take the Metro to Islands Brygge station.  

    Amager Common's address is:

    Artillerivej 73B,

    2300 København

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