CPH:DOX is the third largest documentary film festival in the world.  Here, film professionals and aspiring young filmmakers gather to exhibit their work and get inspired. Over 200 films from all over the world are selected and shown at the festival. In addition, CPH:DOX presents concerts, seminars, art exhibitions and a bunch of cool events in 11 days. The event celebrates independent and innovative filmmaking and visual arts. CPH:DOX was founded in 2003 and is backed by film professionals as well as the national press.

    The goal is to build bridges between film and a wide variety of related art forms while keeping one foot firmly planted in the world of documentary filmmaking. All this makes CPH:DOX much more than just a regular film festival.  If you are into film, it is definitely worth a visit.

    The program can be found on their website and tickets for single cinema screenings can be bought online or at the cinema. You also have the option of buying a Discount Card which grants you access to six screenings of your choosing or a Festival Pass, which lets you watch as many films as you want.   

    Credit: CPH:DOX TELTET Photo: Amanda Obitz

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