Culture Walk and Guided Tours

    Take a 2 ½ km guided tour through Aarhus City Centre beginning at the Central Station.

    What can you expect when you take a guided tour in Aarhus?  You will get a chance to hear untold stories and urban myths, plus you will see attractions like Aarhus City Hall and ARoS Museum with the colourful Rainbow pavilion on top of the building. 

    That’s not all. Walk through the small park and visit Our Lady’s Church - one of the oldest stone church in Denmark.  Want to do something spooky while you are in the Church? Go into the crypt and hear scary stories, including the history of the Danes’ conversion from paganism to Christianity. 

    The next stops are the Latin Quarter and the river.  Don’t jump in!  You are there to see the largest library and culture centre in Scandinavia, Dokk1 or Dokken.  The tour continues to the East side of Aarhus where you can view the latest architecture, and learn more about the current and future life of this vibrant City.

    When you take this 2-hour guided tour through Aarhus, ask your tour guide - who will most likely be a student at Aarhus University - what life is like in the “City of Smiles”.


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