Nørrebro - A Day in Copenhagen

    Nørrebro can easily be described as the multicultural heart of Copenhagen. The area has a decidedly young and care-free spirit and features high-end restaurants, dive bars, small design shops and a wide variety of hang-outs that are perfect on a summer day.

    If you are into design and love shopping in small stores to find great second-hand pieces, then head over to Elmegade, Jægersborggade and Ravnsborggade. Nørrebro offers great nightlife options. There are a variety of watering holes ranging from the smoke-filled dive bars to the crisp, clean - and expensive - cocktail bars where each cocktail is unique.

    Below you will find a guide to A Day in Copenhagen: Nørrebro. The guide features suggestions for spending a full day in the Copenhagen area of Nørrebro. Enjoy!

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    Breakfast at your chosen Danhostel is always a great idea. This way you get a budget-friendly all-you-can-eat breakfast that will keep you full until lunch. An extra bonus is that a Danhostel breakfast always includes drinks, meaning that you will not have to pay extra for that all important cup of morning coffee or tea.

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    Once you have finished your breakfast, we suggest that you start your city walk from Nørreport Station. From here you can walk by either Torvehallerne or Kaffix for a late morning coffee to-go, and maybe a late morning croissant? 

    Once you have your coffee, tea, smoothie, green juice, or whatever you fancy, we suggest that you spend time in the area near the lakes (Søerne). Søerne are a series of interconnected artificial lakes, which separate central Copenhagen from Nørrebro and Østerbro. Along the Lakes, you will find plenty of benches where you can sit and enjoy the city. Watch the swans, ducks, seagulls and many other birds that live by the lakes. You will also be able to observe the fitness-crazy Copenhageners running along the lake – sometimes quite an entertaining sight!

    You can also make your way to Assistens Kirkegården. This is actually a cemetery, but to many Copenhageners, this green oasis is a recreational park - a place to get some fresh air and quiet time in the middle of Copenhagen.



    For lunch, a great option is GRØD (porridge in Danish). GRØD offers a great variety of budget-friendly lunch options - whether you are feeling for something sweet or savoury. (if you are on the fence, try it anyway, you will love it).  Learn more about GRØD here.

    If you’re not in the mood for GRØD, The Laundromat on Elmegade is another great option. The Laundromat is slightly more expensive than GRØD, but it also provides many lunch options. Here you have your classic café menu consisting of salads, sandwiches, burgers and the like. If you feel up to it, do your laundry at the café while you eat.


    Shopping - Before or after Lunch:

    On Elmegade you will find several small shops, including the outlet store for Acne Archives - a famous Swedish brand.  You will be able to find pieces from previous collections at a very good price.  Although the prices are lower than usual, the service is exceptionally great and the staff are incredibly friendly.

    Ravnsborggade has almost everything: clothes shops, cafés, wine bars, plus second hand and design shops. If you love browsing through second-hand shops, you will love Ravnsborggade!

    Urban Room No. 11 is a small design shop, which sells mostly Danish design. This shop will keep any design lover busy for quite some time, as there are many things to look through. The shop is located on Guldbergsgade close to Elmegade.



    In the afternoon, we suggest that you walk on Nørrebrogade and try to take it all in. Nørrebrogade, one of the longest and busiest streets in Nørrebro, is filled with sounds, smells and curious sights, so taking a stroll is always an enlightening experience.

    If on the way you feel a bit hungry, or if you crave something sweet, make a little pit stop at Kaffehuset Nr. 183 (The Coffee House No. 183). This place offers at least 10 different types of cheesecake each day. Each slice costs 35 DKK and can easily be shared between two people. If you are looking for coffee, Kaffehuset got you covered. At 30 DKK for a caffe latte, the prices for hot drinks are quite reasonable.

    Near the end of Nørrebrogade, you will find Superkilen (The Super Wedge). Superkilen is an extraordinary piece of urban architecture. Divided into The Red Square, The Black Market and The Green Park, the many sights are well worth the visit. For more information on Superkilen, click here.

    After exploring Superkilen, make your way to Jægersborggade. Here you will find a great mix of small independent shops, cafés, restaurants and specialised bars. Each little shop is unique and many specialise in selling environmentally friendly, organic products.


    For dinner, walk towards the lakes and have dinner at either Sliders or Café N.

    Sliders is the first and only restaurant in Copenhagen to serve sliders – miniature burgers. Along with your slider, order your preferred sides and share at the table.  If you are not in the mood for meat, you can make your way to Café N, a small vegetarian restaurant.

    If neither of this sounds tempting to you, or you are unable to get a table, then go for the safe option, Torvehallerne. You will find whatever your heart desires – even if that means chocolate for dinner! Learn more about Torvehallerne here.

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    At Kaffeplantagen you get great coffee, delightful teas, a unique atmosphere, plus hot chocolate made from Summerbird’s own chocolate. What more could you ask for?

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    Enjoy Torvehallerne

    When you want the best selection of teas, French delights, restaurants, cafes, spices, fish, wines and all the treats Copenhagen has to offer, find them at Torvehallerne.

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    Summerbird Chocolate

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    Architecture and diversity come together at Superkilden in Nørrebro. Check out the Black Market, the Red Square and the Green Park.

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    Assistens Cemetery

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