Restaurants in Odense

    There are many restaurants in Odense.  If you are a vegetarian, a meat lover, or want a mix of the two, you can always find something to satisfy those embarrassing stomach grumblings.

    If you love soup, try Soup Stone Café.  This place comes highly recommended as a cozy place with great food.

    The Soup Stone Café is located at Store Gråbrødrestræde 11, Odense 5000.

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    The pizza and burger joints can be found in many locations throughout the city.  In the middle of the city, you will Burger Anarchy with excellent burgers, sweet potato fries, sliders and more.

    Burger Anarchy is located at Gravene 2A, Odense 5000.

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    How about pizza? Well, it seems like I Pupi Siciliani scores high on the list.  Some even say it’s the best they ever had.  Try it out for yourself.

    I Pupi Siciliani is located at Vindegade 71, Odense 5000.

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