Værnedamsvej, a trendy street, which runs between Vesterbrogade and Gammel Kongevej, is a blend of specialty shops, restaurants, cafes and one of the best liquor stores in town.  Check out this area for French cuisine.  The café Granola is popular with young people, mothers with their babies in fashionable strollers, or others who just want to hang out regardless of the weather. 


While the municipality would like to close the street to incoming traffic from Vesterbrogade and Gammel Kongevej, the business owners oppose this move reasoning that that would adversely affect their economy. So a ‘tight squeeze’ continues as all types of vehicles continue to crawl up and down this bustling street.  Recently, the Municipality decided to make Værnedamsvej a more 'people-friendly' street, so they widened the walkway to accommodate more seating areas for guests at various cafes and restaurants, and provided more room for bicycles.  


Tullinsgade, the 'little sister' of Værnedamsvej, boasts the world’s smallest café, Verden’s Mindste Café - a cosy spot owned and run by Granola.  There are just a few seats inside the cafe, so other guests gladly sit at tables and chairs on the sidewalk.  This cosy niche for coffee lovers is always buzzing with activity. Across the street from the café is the bar, Larsens Plaz, where you can shoot a game of pool.    

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Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

Here is a chance to find all the stuff you need for the holiday season. The stalls sell everything you can think of. Try some Danish-style pancakes and mulled wine while you shop.

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Getting Around in Copenhagen and Denmark

It's to get around in Denmark. Buses, trains, Metro, harbour boats and bikes are available.  Bridges are great because they link you to different parts of the city and at times you can avoid the busy roads and the traffic by riding across the waterways.

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Copenhagen’s 10 Best Foods

From a small pick-me-up snack like a Danish pastry to the national dish with parsley, potatoes and pork, check out the ten best eatables in Copenhagen.

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Nightclubs in Copenhagen

Spend your days touring Copenhagen and your nights having fun in the nightclubs, bars and cafes. 

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picture of Summerbird chocolate

Summerbird Chocolate

Probably the best chocolate treats in Denmark. You will keep going back for more. Try them all - chocolate covered almonds, cream balls, starwberry bars, summer birds - you will be hooked.

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picture of two pigs and a man at Torvehallerne

Enjoy Torvehallerne

When you want the best selection of teas, French delights, restaurants, cafes, spices, fish, wines and all the treats Copenhagen has to offer, find them at Torvehallerne.

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Tours of Copenhagen

Pick and mix your choice of Copenhagen tours.

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