Wokshop Cantina


    Wokshop Cantina, also known as Wokshop, is a deluxe street kitchen which serves "A Taste of Thailand."  When you enter, you will discover a minimalistic interior, a relaxing atmosphere and most importantly, excellent food.  Expect quick service and meals which provide your 5-a-day. All dishes are made from healthy, fresh, fat-free products with prices which do not break the bank

    What’s on the menu at Wokshop? The menu consists of salads, curries, woks, soups, beef with ginger, chicken with basil, sweet and sour chicken and more.  Lunch, which costs 70 DKK, includes a variety of soups and dishes. 

    If you feel like staying in but would love a Wokshop curry or some other treat, then order via phone or online and save up to 30% on meals on the dinner menu.

    There are six Wokshop Cantina available:

    • Wokshop Frederiksberg: Gammel Kongevej 122, 1850 Frederiksberg
    • Wokshop Valby: Valby Langgade 65-67, 2500 Valby
    • Wokshop Kongens Nytorv: Ny Adelgade 6, 1104 Copenhagen K
    • Wokshop Hellerup: Strandvejen 185, 2900 Hellurup
    • Wokshop Lyngby: Lyngby Hovedgade 76A, 2800 Kongens Lyngby
    • Wokshop Rungsted Harbour: Rungsted Havn 34, 2960 Rungsted Kyst


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