Guide to Accommodation and Attractions on Bornholm

    A holiday paradise in the Baltic Sea known for its beautiful beaches, cliffs and coast
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    Bornholm - The Pearl of the Baltic Sea
    Bornholm offers something special when it comes to Danish culture and tourism. The small, rugged island with about 40,000 inhabitants is made of granite and resembles the neighbours Norway and Sweden more than Denmark. Bornholm is the perfect holiday experience for families and backpackers.

    Hammershus, Northern Europe's largest castle ruin, is in north Bornholm. This attraction should be on your must-see list. Visit the new visitors’ centre built into the hillside. Walk up and admire the historic ruins then enjoy the fantastic views when you peer down and out at ponds, forests and the Baltic Sea. If your legs are up the journey, visit the area called Hammerknud which is close to Hammershus and experience some of Bornholm's most unique nature. The trip from Hammershus to Danhostel Sandvig is about 2.5 km and is easily reached by bike or on foot. For a small fee, rent a small boat and sail from Hammer Harbour (Hammerhavnen) along the rocky coast and explore some of the small caves.
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    Rock Carvings on Madsebakke
    Denmark's rock carvings at Madsebakke, date back to the Bronze Age. The 3,500-year-old carvings feature fourteen ship carvings, five-wheel crosses, five-foot figures and several bowls. Many visit the area to admire relics of the past. Danhostel Sandvig is within walking distance of Madsebakke.
    Learn about Madsebakke here.
    Moseløkke Stenbrud
    Moseløkkes Stenbrudsmuseum
    The igneous rocks at Moseløkke Quarry have travelled far and wide. They were used to construct, among other things, the Carlsberg Elephants at the Ny Glytoteket, the entrance to Christiansborg (the building which houses the Danish Parliament), and the pillars at the National Museum, all located in Copenhagen. Visit the museum, learn about the techniques of a true Bornholm stonemason and test your strength against granite and tools.
    See a view of the quarry here. (page in Danish).
    Østerlars Rundkirke
    Østerlars Round Church
    Of the 4 round churches on Bornholm, the most impressive and most visited is in Østerlars. Considered one of Bornholm's main attractions, about 120,000 visitors visit the church each year. Learn more about the church - how it was formerly used as a fortress.
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    The Ertholmene Islands
    The small Ertholmene islands of Christiansø and Frederiksø with rugged, beautiful surroundings lie about 20 km east of Bornholm. Start your trip to Christiansø and Frederiksø from Gudhjem. While there, try two of Bornholm's culinary specialities, namely, Sol over Gudhjem (smoked herring, onion and chives with a raw egg on rye bread) and the smoked herring at Gudhjem Smokehouse. For fine dining, visit Restaurant Kadeau in southern Bornholm which offers exceptional Nordic food made with local and Nordic produce.
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    Bornholm Natural Beauty
    Visit the famous Rocking Stone (Rokkestenen) in Paradise Hills (Paradisbakkerne). There are several rocking stones on the island. You will love Ekkodal where you can hear the echos. Great fun! Afterwards, take a trip through the valley and walk carefully on the cliffs while you enjoy the views.  Visit Dueodde Beach with fine, white sand (once used in hourglasses). 

    Danhostel Sandvig, situated near many of the attractions on Bornholm, is the best location if you want to visit all the attractions. The hosts will recommend the best attractions.