Meet Sally Due Sperling – Hostess at Danhostel Kolding

    Line Juhl Kronow

    We asked our hostesses at different Danhostels about their holiday experiences in Denmark. This time it's Sally Sperling, hostess at Danhostel Kolding who explains why Danes should spend their holiday in Denmark.

    Name: Sally Due Sperling

    Hostess at:  Danhostel Kolding

    Number of Years at Danhostel:  24 years to date and will celebrate 25 years on May 1, 2018.

    Where were you born and raised?
    I was born in South Jutland (Sønderjylland) but grew up in Nyborg. I have always loved living near the forest and beach.  We are fortunate to have some of the most beautiful natural surroundings in our little country, Denmark. 

    Where in Denmark did you spend your last holiday?
    My last mini trip was 2016 to Bornholm, a trip that I can recommend because the island is fantastic and unique. I tasted all the delicious specialities that Bornholm has to offer, and brought lots of products home.  That gave me an idea at we should sell more local products her at Danhostel Kolding,  As a result, we now have a working relationship with our local brewery, Trolden. We also work with students from Design School in Kolding and have an exciting project in the making which will be part of a concept related to sustainability.

    Where is your favourite place in Denmark to spend your holidays?
    I am thinking of going back to Bornholm to visit one of Danhostel's newest member, Danhostel Sandvig.  Next year, Danhostel Sandvig will be the only Danhostel on Bornholm and it is one of the few hostels that I have never visited. I am always busy, so a trip to Bornholm would be ideal for a mini holiday. Bornholm offers a completely different peace and nature that I absolutely enjoy. In addition, there are many great restaurants.

    Which location would you like to visit that you have never been to before?
    My husband and I would like to explore Denmark's many small islands.  We have visited many places in Denmark and many Danhostels.

    What is the best thing about holidaying in Denmark?
    It is such a short distance to everything - forest, beach, cities, towns, villages, etc.

    What would you say to those who do not normally spend their holiday in Denmark?
    Try it!

    What is the best thing about being a hostess at a Danhostel?
    I love my life as the hostess of a hostel and cannot imagine doing anything else. I am passionate about the fact that my employees thrive and that as TEAM Danhostel Kolding we give our best every single day so that all our guests, such as families, singles, groups, camps and students, get the best experience every time they visit Danhostel Kolding. It's exciting to find new initiatives and see that the guests are enjoying themselves. Many come again and again because they are confident that we will always do our best to provide great service.

    If you could mention ONLY one thing about your hostel, what would it be?

    Which hostel would you recommend to our guests?
    My favourite Danhostel is Danhostel Ebeltoft, a really nice place in a great location.  The building was designed by Friis and Moltke and offers a fantastic view of Ebeltoft Creek and the beautiful nature which surrounds the hostel.  That is more to my taste.  At Danhostel Ebeltoft, you have access to a wealth of activities such as a swimming hall, a playground, ball fields, fitness and sports centres, plus professional service from the hosts.  For all these reasons I would recommend Danhostel Ebeltoft.  In addition, there are many sights and attractions adults and children can experience in the surrounding areas.

    Just a few extra tips from an experienced hostess:
    If you would like to visit hostels outside of Denmark (Hostels i udlandet), I would recommend Portugal, which has small, unique hostels with sea views.  If you are a group who enjoy water sports, I would definitely recommend hostels in Holland.

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