A free town in the middle of the city. The Free Town of Christiania is the result of squatters taking over an old military barracks back in 1971. Today Christiania is one the most popular attractions of Copenhagen and a much-loved green get-away for Copenhageners.

    In the free town, you will find free concerts, shopping, a wide variety of food, huge green areas to walk or relax and, of course, the infamous Pusher Street or Green Light District known for its hash trade.

    There are signs in the Green Light District asking you not to take photographs or run in the area. Please follow those guidelines. It is also highly recommended to put phones and cameras away while walking through the Green Light District.

    Whilst selling and possessing hash is not legal in Denmark it is no secret what goes on on Pusher Street, so on occasion, the police conduct raids.

    This should however not keep you from visiting Christiania which really is so much more than Pusher Street.

    Free walking tours

    If you want to know more about Christiania and the history of Christianshavn, we highly recommend that you take the Christianshavn Tour with Copenhagen Free Walking Tours (read more). This tour goes from Amagertorv (by the equestrian statue of Bishop Absalon) and takes you past Christiansborg (the Danish Parliament) and onto Christianshavn where it finishes right outside Christiania.