Public Transport in Denmark


Most people prefer to know a bit about the public transport system in the country they will be visiting before they arrive, and frankly, we would too. Therefore, we’ve come up with a guide to introduce you to the public transport system in Denmark.  After you have read the guide, we hope you’ll know just how to get around!

Although Denmark is a relatively small country, it is made of more than 400 islands, so a well-connected transport system is necessary to meet the demands of the Danes who travel to work and school each day. When Danes aren’t driving their cars or using their bicycles - which they do a lot - their primary means of transportation are buses, trains and metro. The transport system in Denmark is generally reliable, especially in larger cities such as Aarhus and Odense.  The metro has been award “Best Metro” and “Best Driverless Metro” at the 2010 Metrorail Congress in London.

What about tickets and prices? We would like to give you a straightforward answer, but tickets and prices vary depending on which part of the country you are in, so to answer the question, we will have to go into a bit more detail.

Click on your destination in the menu on the right to learn more, or scroll down to the end of the page and learn more about ticket prices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.

Other Transport Options

Find out about other transport options in Denmark's three major cities. Learn more about biking in Copenhagen. This is an easy way to get around.  Copenhagen is one of the best cities in the world for biking.

Our second largest city, Aarhus, is not to be beaten.  They believe they are the best bike city!  Here are some practical guidelines for biking in the city of Aarhus.  Need to rent a city bike while on holiday in Aarhus?  Learn more here

How about biking and bicycle rental in Odense?  Did you know that Odense Municipality has invested in biking routes throughout the city?  They take biking very seriously! 


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picture of CIrcle Bridge in Copenhagen

Bridges in Copenhagen

Avoid most of the city traffic by linking quickly and safely to many areas in Copenhagen by using one of the many bridges available.

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