Prices, Classification and Ratings

Check in at Danhostel Copenhagen City

Please note that the listed prices on our website are for guests with a valid Hostelling International (HI) card.

Children less than two years stay free when they stay in the same room with their parents, so remember to mention prior to arrival how many children under two years are in your family/group.

Rental of Beds in a Shared Room

If you are travelling alone, you can choose to rent your own room or rent a bed in a shared room. All hostels allow the rental of beds in a shared room during the period from July 1 to September 15. Between September 16 and June 30, rental of shared rooms vary from hostel to hostel.  Please refer to the specific hostel’s homepage on our website.

Star Rating System

All Danhostels use the 5-star rating system and the classification is determined based on 32 objective criteria, which mainly concerns the buildings, rooms, common areas, basic services and interior design. The star rating system does not take into account the atmosphere, idyllic location and other amenities, which are significant for a good hostel stay. All Danhostels have family rooms with private or shared bathrooms.  Most hostels have all private bathrooms, while others have more private bathrooms than shared ones. All rooms have good quality beds, so we guarantee that you will have a good night's sleep, no matter where you stay.

Our Rating System

It is important for Danhostel that our guests can quickly see what other guests think about their stay at our hostel, so only guests who have stayed at our hostel can assess and rate us.

If you have ever booked a stay at a hostel, over the phone, by mail or via our website, you will receive an email asking you to evaluate your experience after you have completed your stay.

When a hostel has more than three ratings or reviews, we will display the results on the hostel’s profile page at