Quality Labels

Many Danhostels are members of various quality labels. If a Danhostel is a member, this means that the hostel has exerted extra effort to make your stay more enjoyable, so check the specific Danhostel profile page. See a description of all the quality labels below.

two on bikes

Active Denmark Quality Label (Aktiv Danmarks Mærkeordninger)

Active Denmark shows where in Denmark you can find the best cycle routes, hiking trails, fishing spots, golf courses, gastronomy and wellness facilities. 

Quality Labels from Active Denmark:

Bed and Bike logo  Cycle-friendly Accommodation

Other Quality Labels 
Aside from Active Denmark, there are many Danhostels which are members of other quality labels.

TheGreenKeyGreen Key - Guarantees that the environment is taken into consideration.
GodAdgangGood Access - Guarantees practical amenities close to Danhostels.
ØkologimærkeThe Organic Quality Label - Guarantees that facilities use organic products. 
MødeCertificeretCertified Meeting Facilities - Modern conference and meeting facilities certified by Danhostel.