Experience Copenhagen the Authentic Way


    In this section of the Danhostel Backpacker Portal, we have cooked up a collection of guides for you during your travels in and around Copenhagen. Each guide invites you to discover authentic experiences so you can enjoy Copenhagen the best way possible.  We recommend using a bike, but you can also discover exciting sights using public transport. 

    We will feature a little bit of this and that about areas close to the City Centre.  For example, we have included information on areas such as Nørrebro - the multi-cultural district, Amager - the island with modern architecture, Inner City - with places like Nyhavn, Frederiksberg - Copenhagen's high-end area, Vesterbro - the trendy neighbourhood and Christianshavn - the home of 'Freetown' Christiania. 

    For your guide to a full day of unforgettable experiences in Copenhagen, click on one of our “A Day in Copenhagen” guides. These are exclusive guides with all sorts of new and exciting adventures, plus traditional and historical sights to see and appreciate.  While going about your trip, the guide will let you know about attractions and activities nearby.

    We know you will get hungry on your tours, so we have included plenty of suggestions on eateries in the area. There are entire streets like Værnedamsvej and locations like Kødbyen (The Meat Packing District) in the area of Vesterbro and Blågårdsvej in Nørrebro which are worth visiting.  If you have special dietary concerns, no need to worry.  Gluten, peanuts, milk and other foods allergies/intolerance will not ruin your trip as many places in Denmark cater to guests with special diets.  

    Check out Nørrebro, A Day in Copenhagen, More of Christianshavn and Amager. These are some of the guides to all the activities to keep you busy in our wonderful Capital.


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    Nørrebro – A Day in Copenhagen

    Tour Nørrebro, the multicultural heart of Copenhagen in a day. Here are some tips to assist you on your trip.

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    a picture of Nyhavn

    Copenhagen Guide

    Many attractions like Nyhavn await you as you go on a discovery tour of Copenhagen.

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