Group Stays

cph city

Our Danhostels offer great facilities for groups. Rooms sleep up to eight people, so your accommodation price is lower when there are more guests in the same room. We have common rooms and many Danhostels provide designated rooms for meetings.

At Danhostel, you are considered a group if:
-You are 10 or more 
-Your group is not made up of family members
-Your stay is purchased as one booking. 

Groups should make reservations directly and there should be a written agreement from Danhostel. The rules for cancellation and any claim for compensation - if the cancellation rules are breached - should be stated in the agreement.

Group arrangements typically include two meals a day and final cleaning unless otherwise agreed. Danhostel’s guest kitchen is reserved for individuals and families and must not be used by groups. The group leader is required to have a hostel card. This can be purchased on arrival at Danhostel for 160 DKK.