Tour Copenhagen on a Budget


Copenhagen receives millions of visitors each year and many of them marvel at the many attractions that are on view in this beautiful city.  Whether you are a group of friends or an active family, you can enjoy Copenhagen on a budget.  Copenhagen has many exciting places you can visit free of charge.  There are also many parks where you can enjoy a day on the grass.

Here are some of the most popular spots you can visit free of charge:

The National Museum located at Frederiksholms Canal near the Danish Parliament offers free entry Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm.  The Museum is closed on Mondays.   This museum houses artefacts from many lands.  Learn about the Vikings, Egyptian mummies, the Sun Chariot and much more.  The Museum’s website mentions an interesting exhibition – an original hash stall from the popular area of Christiania.

Speaking of Christiania, visit this infamous area any day of the week.  Christiania’s history goes back to 1971. Squatters took over an abandoned military base and made it their home. This commune is like nothing you will see anywhere else in Denmark and is known for its illegal drug trade.  You will have a memorable experience when you visit Christiania. This is home to more than 900 residents who have carved out a community with interesting residential buildings, cafes, workshops, etc. The area near the lake is picturesque and you will see the well-known and loved Christiania bikes with a parent transporting members of the family in the cargo area.  No cars or cameras are allowed and you are advised to follow the rules and regulations when you enter this unique location. The thought-provoking sign above the entrance reminds you that when you enter Christiania, you are leaving the EU.  

The area of Nyhavn is a sight to behold. These brightly coloured townhouses - which cost a pretty penny - sit in a row above cafes, ice cream shops and restaurants with their reflection dancing in the canal which flows just in front of the townhouses. Then there are the boats on the canal, which make this a popular area for tourists to take pictures, stroll, or sit and enjoy an ambience unique to Nyhavn.  From here you can take a paid canal tour of some of Denmark’s landmarks or a short walk to the home of Margrethe, Queen of Denmark and her consort, Prince Henrik.

Amalienborg Palace, home of Danish Queen, Margrethe and her husband, Prince Henrik is another popular tourist attraction. From the front of the building, you will meet one of the Queen’s guards faithfully at his post or on patrol in the courtyard. There are four identical buildings situated near the waterfront with scenic views of the Opera House just across the water. Walk over the new bridge, which connects the area with Christianshavn. 

Feel like touring a park and enjoying the scenery without paying a kroner? Then visit Bakken (Dyrehavsbakken) located just outside of Copenhagen. Bakken is Denmark’s oldest park. You pay only for the rides, so just walk in and experience the lively atmosphere. Watch the visitors having fun on rides (try some if you want to) and enjoying various goodies. Take a walk through the green, beautiful surroundings. Bring a picnic basket and catch up on the latest gossip with your friends.   

Spend a day touring free attractions and save a bit of money in your pocket. 

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