Meet Rolf Hauge – Host at Danhostel Skagen
    | Line Juhl Kronow

    We asked our hosts/hostesses at the different Danhostels about their experiences while holidaying in Denmark. We start with Rolf Hauge, the host at Danhostel Skagen.

    Good start for Danhostel Gjerrild's New Hosts.

    After just one year as new hosts at Danhostel Gjerrild, Nina and Stephen took home the prize as this year's master chefs at Danhostel. The prize was awarded to them as they received the highest score based on customer reviews…

    Danhostel Copenhagen Amager's New Architect-Designed, Sustainable Reception Area.

    Sustainable tourism is making an impact at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, located near the beautiful natural area called Amager Fælled, so when you stay at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, you stay near the city, but in the middle of…

    Danhostel Ishøj Strand has a New Electronic Key System.

    It can be an expensive mistake when a Danhostel guest loses his key and the lock has to be changed. Danhostel Ishøj Strand now has a new electronic code lock system which means that if a key is lost, a new key can be coded in 5…

    25 Danhostels Open During the Holiday Season
    | Line Juhl Kronow

    Will you need a room Christmas Eve, Christmas or the days up to and including New Year's Day? If so, you have 25 Danhostels from which to choose.

    Meet Lasse Uldahl Borch - Host at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager
    | Line Juhl Kronow

    Lasse grew up at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager when his parents were hosts there. Learn about his recommendation for a good holiday in Denmark.

    More Releases

    Anette Price
    Twins Kim and Kate Falden, along with their spouses, will take over as hosts at Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard at the turn of the year.  They will renovate the hostel while respecting the style and…
    Anette Price
    From 1 February 2018, Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj will have new hosts. Kathrine and Jannich Lind will be at the forefront of the well-known hostel in Bellahøj. Kathrine is employed as Chief…
    In 2015, Danhostel will launch a new strategy which will focus on growth. The point of departure will be strong customer experience and professional hostel management. In this way, Danhostel will…