Accommodation for Wheelchair Users

    Certified Danhostels

    Many have inquired about our wheelchair-friendly Danhostels, so we have prepared a guide indicating what we offer.
    There are 14 Danhostels which are certified by God Adgang (Good Access). View all 14 Danhostels at their individual website at, then search for "Danhostel."

    The following Danhostels are certified by Good Access as wheelchair friendly. Click on the specific Danhostel and see the report.

    Several of our Danhostels, although not certified, are wheelchair friendly, so we encouraged these Danhostels to tell guests about the additional amenities they offer for wheelchair users.

    The list – and possibly comments - can be seen below.

    Please contact the specific Danhostel when you book if you have any questions. Always state if there are one or more wheelchair users in your group or family. Several hostels have rooms which can be accessed by wheelchair users.