Culture Night

Culture Night in Copenhagen

Join us for the 25th Culture Night in Copenhagen on October 13, 2017. There will great fun and more than 700 events throughout the City and surrounding areas.  Buy a ticket for the evening and visit attractions, sights and cultural events such as Carlsberg, Christiansborg Palace, Cisternerne, National Museum, Radio Stations TV 2 Lorry and TV 2 Danmark, The Round Tower, plus libraries, various institutions, theatres, and much more from 6 pm, until midnight - or later.  

Use public transport and pay only 95 DKK which includes public transport! You can buy tickets for Culture Night at 7-Eleven stores in Copenhagen.

Bike or ride on harbour boats, buses, S-trains and Metro around in Copenhagen and experience fun and excitement galore.  Museum buses will also be available.  Public transport in the Copenhagen area is free - if you have a valid Culture Pass - from 5 pm to 5 am. You can also walk if you feel up to it, so stretch your legs and take in the sights and sounds of our Wonderful City.


Learn more about Culture Night and get ready to experience all that Copenhagen has to offer. 

picture of a bike in front of a building

Getting Around in Copenhagen and Denmark

It's as easy as abc to get around in Denmark. The buses, trains, Metro and bikes are available in every corner of the country. You can even use the harbour boats in Copenhagen.

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picture of nightlife in Copenhagen

Nightlife in Copenhagen

Oh the nightlife in Copenhagen! What’s on offer? Clubs, discos, various bars and pub crawls. The City provides a fantastic atmosphere when the sun goes down and the lights go on.

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Discounts, Offers, Buy two get one free

Discounts from Hostels

Get a discount on your stay at a Danhostel. Check out our offers which give a variety of discounts on rooms, experiences, attractions, and much more.

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picture of people at a festival

Festivals in Copenhagen

Each year, you will experience a variety of festivals in Copenhagen. Prepare yourself for a host of performances including the popular Roskilde Festival held every summer.

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Places to Eat in Copenhagen

Whether you are a meat-eater or a vegetarian, if you love food, Copenhagen is the place to eat. With Michelin-star restaurants, cuisine from all over the world, traditional Danish menus and the Nordic cuisine, you will experience a bit of everything.

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picture of umbrella with free tours written on it

Walking Tours in Copenhagen

Take a free walking tour and learn about the history, culture and cuisine. You tour for free, sample the delicacies and get a chance to meet the locals.

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picture of tourists at The Little Mermaid

Culture in Copenhagen

Wonderful Copenhagen's cultural offerings are many and varied and so are the people who live in this exciting City. Therefore, you can enjoy a host of concerts, performances, festivals, films and much more.

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picture of Marmor Church and the fountain near Amalienborg Castle

Attractions in Copenhagen

There are a host of attractions in Copenhagen. If you like visiting museums, zoos and amusement parks, we have them all. How about relaxing parks and gardens? Whatever you choose, Copenhagen has them all.

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picture of Tivoli with lights at Christmas

Christmas in Copenhagen

When you spend Christmas in Copenhagen, you get a chance to experience hygge. With markets, lights and a great atmosphere, this is the best place to be when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

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picture of young people dancing

Nightclubs in Copenhagen

Spend your days touring Copenhagen and your nights having fun in the nightclubs, bars and cafes. 

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picture of Sukkerlyn rapping


Watch some of the biggest names perform at Vega throughout the year. Choose between Store Vega and Lille Vega or spend time at the "Ideal Bar.”

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picture of The Little Mermaid and a canal tour boat with tourists

Danhostel’s English Facebook Page

Check out news and events in Copenhagen and other locations in Denmark when you visit our English Facebook page. Let us know what you would like to see and know.

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picture of Christiania


Enter the other side of Denmark when you visit Christiania, one of Copenhagen's intriguing spots. Learn about the Christiania bikes while you are there.

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picture of Tivoli with lights

Tivoli Amusement Park

Copenhagen’s Wonderland, Tivoli, invites you to come and enjoy the sights, sounds, rides and fun. Take in a concert or two at Friday's Rock.

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picture of a crowd at the Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

With a sad look, Hans Christian Andersen's masterpiece, the Little Mermaid, waits in the harbour for your visit. Just say you will come so you don't disappoint her!

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picture of spiral at Experimentarium


Have a blast at the fantastic science centre called Experimentarium. Here they will hit you with science so you can challenge the mind and body and use those little grey cells.

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a picture of Copenhagen Opera House

The Blue Planet

Take a memorable trip to Denmark’s largest aquarium, The Blue Planet. The building itself is a work of art. Inside you will find any and everything moving and gliding in the clear waters above and beneath your feet.

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