For many years, Amager has had a bit of a negative reputation among Copenhageners, however, this has completely turned around. The mix of urban life and access to nature has won over Copenhageners and visitors, plus it is now a  popular place to live. The island is dotted with new and bold architecture. This creates is an interesting juxtaposition to the flat and open countryside which surrounds it. Furthermore, the Metro makes living and visiting Amager so much more convenient. Read more about Copenhagen's public transport system.

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    Here are more areas you might find interesting

    picture of Christiania


    Enter the other side of Denmark when you visit Christiania, one of Copenhagen's intriguing spots. Learn about the Christiania bikes while you are there.

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    picture of Amager Beach

    Amager Beach Park

    Spend the hot days in Copenhagen by the beach on the island of Amager.

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    picture of Ismageriet Ice cream shop

    Ismageriet Ice Cream

    Visit Ismageriet on Amager for the best tasting ice cream in town.

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    aerial picture of Amagerfælled

    Amager Common

    When on Amager, you might need a place to relax or be active without the distractions in the city. Here is an oasis you can enjoy.

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    picture of Old Saviour’s Church

    Our Saviour’s Church

    While the wind blows, climb the stairs at Our Saviour’s Church - if you dare - and experience the most fantastic views when you reach the top.

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    picture of Nordic Cuisine

    Copenhagen’s 10 Best Foods

    From a small pick-me-up snack like a Danish pastry to the national dish with parsley, potatoes and pork, check out the ten best eatables in Copenhagen.

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    a picture of Copenhagen Opera House

    The Blue Planet

    Take a memorable trip to Denmark’s largest aquarium, The Blue Planet. The building itself is a work of art. Inside you will find any and everything moving and gliding in the clear waters above and beneath your feet.

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    picture of The Little Mermaid and a canal tour boat with tourists

    Danhostel’s English Facebook Page

    Check out news and events in Copenhagen and other locations in Denmark when you visit our English Facebook page. Let us know what you would like to see and know.

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    picture of woman wakeboarding

    Copenhagen Cable Park

    Show off your wakeboarding prowess and all your other skills when you increase your speed at Copenhagen Cable Park.

    picture of the Marble Church

    Tour Copenhagen on a Budget

    Tour Wonderful Copenhagen on a budget, snack for 25 DKK or less, or learn about the attractions you can experience free of charge.

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