Places to Eat in Copenhagen

    When in Copenhagen, you have a variety of restaurants from which to choose.  Below are a few categories, but these do not do justice to the many cuisines you can find in Wonderful Copenhagen.  

    Vegetarian Restaurants in Copenhagen

    There are many restaurants which specialise in serving only vegetarian meals, while others prefer to offer both a meal and a vegetarian menu.  The choices are endless.  Learn more about vegetarian restaurants in Copenhagen here.


    Michelin-Star Restaurants in Copenhagen 

    For a list of Michelin-star restaurants in Copenhagen, learn more here.


    Popular Eateries in Copenhagen

    For meat-lovers, you have come to a country in which pigs outnumber people, where a fish dish can be eaten on rye bread and where restaurants compete to see who is top dog. Learn more about some popular restaurants here.  

    Are you adventurous enough to try our "Bugs for Breakfast" at our three City hostels?

    picture breakfast made from bugs.

    Bugs for Breakfast

    Be adventurous and try “Bugs for Breakfast” at one of Danhostel's City hostels. How about some crispbread made from mealworm flour, chapulines with lime, baked wax moth larvae or muffins with lesser mealworms?

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