Shopping in Denmark’s Big Cities

Big City Shopping in Denmark

Wonderful Copenhagen with its walking street called Strøget, offers many name-brand shops plus a variety of specialty shops for your shopping pleasure. If you are looking for modern and exclusive goods, Copenhagen is the perfect place to find them. So, if your holiday includes bargain hunting, window shopping or gift buying, you will always find something to your taste in our lovely city. For additional experiences, take a short trip to Malmo. You can get there in less than 45 minutes.
Denmark’s second largest city, called the “City of Smiles” and named European Capital of Culture for 2017, offers just about everything you can find in other large cities. In addition to a rich city life, expect to be awed by architecture, world-class art and culture while you shop for gifts for others and give yourself an overdue treat. You can easily connect to Aarhus from Copenhagen by train, ferry or bus, or you can fly directly to Aarhus (located on the island of Jutland) via Billund Airport.
Odense, the fairy-tale capital of the island of Funen, is Hans Christian Andersen’s city. Shopping is great and relaxed in this historic location. While you shop, discover a city with loads of history with popular attractions, relaxing green areas, and places and landmarks relating to the famous fairy tale writer. Shop in beautiful surroundings on this island located between the island of Zealand (home of Copenhagen) and the peninsula of Jutland (home of Aarhus).
Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense are just three of the cities where you can find great deals. Check out the history-filled area of Helsingør and its charming walking street. If you want more excitement, why not take a short sail across the Sound to Helsingborg in Sweden and stretch your Danish kroner at bit further by buying Swedish goods and services? While in Aarhus, a trip to southern Jutland, to areas such as Sønderborg is worth your while. Close by is the Danish/German border where you can save tons of money at the border shops! At the northern end of Jutland in areas like Frederikshavn, you can combine a shopping trip with an overnight sail to our Scandinavia buddies in Norway. While the Danish kroner will not stretch as much as it would in Sweden, you will still enjoy plenty of opportunities to enjoy the splendid views while you take advantage of various shopping experiences.