Rosenborg Castle

    Rosenborg Castle is a renaissance Castle located in the King’s Garden not far from Nørreport Station.  Walk through the beautifully manicured garden before going inside the Castle and see the flowers in bloom throughout the year.   This Castle has been named by many as Christian IV's favourite and after his unsuccessful campaign against Sweden where he lost his right eye, this is where he died.

    A tour of the Castle will provide information about the Castle, its tapestries, the crown jewels and much more.  In the Knight’s Hall formerly known as the Long Hall, are the coronation chair and the throne of the Danish monarchs with three silver lions.  The majestic stucco ceiling features the Danish Coat of Arms, surrounded by the Orders of the Elephant and the Danish flag (Dannebrog). Visit the smaller rooms off the Long Hall to see a fantastic collection of place settings from China, Denmark and Italy. 

    In the basement of the Castle, you can view the crown jewels which are on permanent display.  

    A trip to Rosenborg Castle should be on your list.