Best Free Travel Apps for Denmark


    We have listed some of the best apps currently available to help you during your trip to Denmark. Most of these apps require an internet connection. Learn more below.


    Rejseplanen (Windows, iPhone and Android):

    This handy app will help you navigate public transport in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark. You need data or Wi-Fi, so plan your trip while you enjoy breakfast at your favourite Danhostel or café.  The app is especially helpful if you are going beyond Copenhagen city centre.

    Buy tickets at the station or on the bus (bus drivers accept only cash, coins or small bills). Take a screenshot or send your travel plan to your email.


    Click here to read more about public transport in Copenhagen and Denmark.


    CityMaps2Go (iPhone and Android):

    Do you want to avoid the hassle of a paper city map? Then CityMaps2Go may be just for you! CityMaps2Go is a free app that allows you to download a detailed map of Copenhagen and other cities around the world. Use the map from your phone offline.

    The app includes an offline search function where you can find restaurants and other places of interest which are rated and reviewed by app users and reputable travel sites.

    If you prefer a paper map instead of a digital one, pick up your free Copenhagen city map at your Danhostel reception desk.


    ART CPH (iPhones)

    Art in Copenhagen will be at your fingertips when you use ART CPH. The art culture in Copenhagen beautifies the city, but it is difficult to know where to start. Use this app and gain access to exhibitions, galleries, museums, plus current and upcoming events. The app is free but available only via iPhone or iPad.


    CPH Airport (all platforms)

    This is the official Copenhagen Airport app. You get access to flight times, directions on where you are and where you want to go, plus an overview and review of shops. The app is available on all platforms.


    Spotted By Locals (Android and iPhone)

    If you want to experience Copenhagen as the locals do (in an authentic fashion), download this app.  Spotted By Locals was created by local residents. You gain access to a map with points of interests in more than 66 European cities.  Download the app on your Android or iOS device and select Copenhagen from the list. There is no need for an internet connection.


    Danhostel App (Android and iPhone)

    Download this app if you plan to travel around Denmark. All Danhostes around the country are listed, so you will always know where to find a warm bed. Book a room while on the go and get directions based on your current location.  Our app is free of charge for Android and iOS devices.